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Heartbreak on & off camera: Jackie Matubia in tears after married 'lover' left

Jackie Matubia revealed that she believes she is still missing the elusive charm of love

Jackie Matubia

Actress and social media sensation Jackie Matubia has candidly shared her experiences with heartbreak, drawing a striking parallel between her on-screen role and real-life emotions.

The mother of two took to Instagram on August 9 to reveal a poignant connection between her personal life and her character on the TV series 'Salem.'

Jackie Matubia, who portrays Zahra Mufasa in 'Salem,' left her followers intrigued as she offered a glimpse into the emotional turmoil she has faced.


With a touch of vulnerability, she posted a short clip from the show, where her character confronts her married lover about their relationship's sudden end.

The video clip showcased a powerful exchange between Jackie's character and the man. This resonated deeply with Jackie as she shared her own sentiments about grappling with a similar situation in her personal life.

"Weeh Hii nyota ni kama pia Zahra Mufasa hana," Jackie captioned the video.


The emotions she portrayed on-screen mirrored her own experience, evoking empathy from her audience.

She described how she had recently rented an apartment after a memorable weekend with the man, only to be heartbroken when he chose to end things.

The 'Zora' actor revealed the complexity of loving a married man and the emotional turmoil it brings. Her words captured the internal struggle she faced, knowing that he was committed elsewhere.


The man's confession of having two women in his life further intensified the parallels between Jackie's character and her own journey. The revelation underscored the pain of sharing someone's affection and attention with another person.

Amid the emotional disclosure, Jackie injected a touch of humor into her post.


She captioned the video with a humorous comment that drew a connection between her on-screen character's marital woes and her own experiences.

Matubia officially confirmed split from her fiancé' and the father of her second daughter, Blessing Lung'aho in July.

She boldly referring to herself as a proud single mother of two.


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