Media Personality Jalang’o has for the first time disclosed that he has a son with his wife Amina Chao after keeping it under wraps for years.

Speaking on Bonga Na Jalas, the Kiss 100 Presenter said that he gave his son a Muslim name simply because his wife is Muslim and he wanted to change the naming culture in his family.

“My son is called Jamail Edward.. Jamil is his name because my wife is Muslim. I said just this one time lets have his name be Jamail, and kila mtu amekuwa akisema patia bibi mimba, patia bibi mimba, tulifunga hiyo mambo kitambo, only that I don’t post my children on social media.

Jalang’o’ with wife Amina Chao
Jalang’o’ with wife Amina Chao

I used to tell him my name is Felix Odiwuor Otuchi, but he said Dad you are just Odiwuor where does Otuchi come from, I tell him it’s from my Dad. My Dad is called Edward Otuchi, he told me can I call myself Otuchi because you seem to be so proud of your Dad. I said yes, why not, then he told me can I spice it up, and now he calls himself King Otuchi,” explained Jalang’o.

Jalango’o also has a daughter with Journalist Cheptoek Boyo, with whom they are co-parenting.