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Jalang'o sacks employees who cost him millions

Jalang'o says his channel can generate Sh1 million a month


Lang'ata Member of Parliament, Jalang'o, fired two presenters whom he had entrusted to run his YouTube channel after he embarked on a political journey.

Jalas, while speaking on Jalang'o TV, introduced a new set of employees and revealed that the former presenters ended up partying instead of working hard, despite the platform already having a reputable name.

"The boys started playing around yet the channel needed to generate money. The channel currently generates a mediocre income yet it used to make millions," Jalas said.


He continued by expressing that something needed to be done, and he unveiled a new CEO who would take over and help revitalize the channel.

To ensure smooth operations, Jalang'o revealed that he had already purchased new equipment, including a camera, tripod, and a new microphone, specifically for interviews.

He also introduced two presenters who would be responsible for conducting interviews and providing entertainment. They mentioned that they had attended a media school, which was clearly an added advantage.


When discussing how he would remunerate his new team, Jalang'o made it clear that he would only pay them if the channel was generating revenue.

According to the lawmaker, he intends to take 50 percent of the monthly earnings from the channel, leaving the remaining 50 percent for the CEO and the presenters.

He continued by emphasizing that he is an honest man and expressed confidence in his channel's ability to generate Sh1 million every month.


Jalang'o reiterated that since he was the one who initiated the channel, he would not use his own funds to pay the team. He stated that they would have to work diligently to earn their own pay.

After negotiating for a while, Jalang'o eventually agreed to pay them for the first month. However, he made it clear that moving forward, they would have to rely on the channel's growth and their own efforts to earn more money.


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