How Jalang’o’s surprise Graduation Party went down(Video+Photos)

The surprise was put together by his wife and friends

Jalang'o with his Wife Amina Chao and their friends. How Jalang’o’s surprise Graduation Party went down

Media Personality Kodhe Phelix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o on Friday was treated to a surprise Graduation Party that was put together by his Wife Amina Chao and a few of his friends.

The invite only affair went down at a city Hotel with close friends and family gracing the party.

Among those who graced the Graduation party include; Mwalimu Churchill, MC Jessy, Chris Kirwa and his wife Cate Kirwa, Mercy Maluli (Founder Devine Collections), Ale Mwakideu, Captain Otoyo, Miss Mueni among others.

The exquisite party went down hours after Jalang’o graduated from Daystar University with a Degree in Community Development.

During the graduation ceremony Jalang’o was able win the Deans’s Award in the school of Human and Social Science (Undergraduate).

Speaking during the party, a thankful Jalang’o expressed gratitude towards his wife, for treating him to a lavish party.

Thank You

“.. sometimes late in the Night, Kirwa saa hizo ameniachilia saa nane usiku, I come, knock the door, she opens, sometimes tunapiga maana nimefika saa nane na Saa kumi na Mbili OJ anataka nikuwa kwa ndege naenda Mombasa. So was it not for this woman I would not have achieved this moment. And she is actually the reason why we are here today.

Thank you for the surprise party that you put together. There ois nothing I can do much today but to share this cake with you. Thank you so much and I love you” said Jalang’o to wife Amina Chao.




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