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Juliani shares similarity between his birthday and his wife's as she turns 38

Happy birthday Lilian Ng'ang'a!

Juliani and his wife Lilian Ng'ang'a

Love has a way of intertwining lives in beautiful and unexpected ways. Such is the case for Kenyan musician Juliani and his wife, Lilian Ng'ang'a, whose birthdays align in a remarkable manner.

As Juliani celebrated his wife's special day, he revealed a remarkable pattern of dates that has become a significant part of their love story.

Juliani shared the revelation of how their birthday aligned on the 22nd day of the specific months.

"My birthday is April 22. Mpenzi wangu June 22. Ler, our son, July 22." The synchronicity of these dates adds a unique layer of significance to their bond, creating a beautiful connection that transcends the ordinary.


To honor his wife, Juliani took to writing a short poem. His words captured the essence of their relationship and the deep affection he holds for Ng'ang'a.

"Nyar Okuyu. Lady lovely. Msichana switi, peremende. Gal sambaratisha my heart. Miss mwah! Mwah! Mtoto fine thank you. Happy birthday, Mpenzi." Juliani wrote.

As Lilian Ng'ang'a turns 38 years old, she and Juliani have been blessed a son, Uthiru. Their journey as parents has added an extra dimension to their love story, further solidifying their bond and bringing them immeasurable joy.


The celebration extended beyond the couple themselves, as fans and well-wishers flooded Ng'ang'a's social media with immense birthday wishes.

Here are some of the wishes:

harryrosebella6 Happy birthday mrembo ,ladies who keep on holding to toxic relationships should borrow a lead from you.I love the new you peace like a river


jossy_kamami Happy birthday lilian,your very honest mimi nikisema miaka yangu ywa namake sure nimepuguza 2

jymer7 You're glowing my dear..happy birthday many more❤️

senjewanjiru When a woman is loved right,she glows differently &it's never about the makeup. Happy Birthday @ngangalillian we await you here on 4th floor


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