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We won't! Kate Actress answers the question of ever getting back with baby daddy

Frustrated Kate Actress responds to social media 'mediators' persistently urging her to reconcile with her ex-husband and father of her child

Kate Actress

Award-winning actress Kate Actress recently found herself in the spotlight as social media comments attempted to 'reconcile' her with her ex-husband, Philip Karanja.

The catalyst for these speculations was the shared celebration of their daughter's birthday at school, leading fans to express hopes for a resolution of conflicts and a possible reunion.

In response, Kate Actress addressed these comments, asserting her stance on choosing personal peace and self-respect.


On December 19, Kate Actress took to Facebook to share photos from her daughter's birthday celebration at school.

This seemingly innocent post quickly became a platform for fans to express their wishes for reconciliation between Kate and Philip.

Some comments urged the couple to prioritise peace for the sake of their children, while others openly expressed a desire to see them back together.


One fan, Wangeci Ndegwa, commented with a plea for the couple to choose peace. Kate responded firmly, challenging the assumption that outsiders have an intimate understanding of her personal life.

She emphasised the importance of women of her generation choosing themselves and called for respectful consideration of her decisions.

When another fan, Essie Paul, expressed admiration for the couple and suggested they get back together, Kate made it clear that such a reunion was not in the cards.


"I love mrudiane you look good together," Essie Paul wrote.

"We won't!" Kate replied.

Known for her direct and confident communication style, Kate Actress posted another message to address the situation further.


She emphasised her role as the 'Clap Back Queen,' highlighting her experiences with online bullying. She reminded followers that opinions are welcome but urged them not to overstep boundaries.

Kate reinforced her commitment to authenticity and self-respect, refusing to compromise her principles for the sake of external pressures.


Kate Actress and Philip Karanja publicly announced their separation earlier in the year. In their statements, both emphasised the decision to end their marriage had been made long before the public announcement.

Despite their separation, the couple expressed their commitment to co-parenting, maintaining a friendship, and continuing their collaborations as business partners.


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