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Celebrities who've faced dire consequences for pranks gone wrong

Popular content creators Kabi and Milly WaJesus are the latest to draw criticism after pulling a prank on Wapendwa Muziki.

Nyota Ndogo, The WaJesus family & Nicki Big Fish

Prank shows in Kenya have undergone a significant evolution, transitioning from mainstream television to digital platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

Initially, these shows aimed to elicit humour through practical jokes played on unsuspecting individuals in public spaces, capturing their reactions for entertainment purposes.

As technology progressed, prank shows found a new home on digital platforms such as YouTube and TikTok.


Kenyan creators seized the opportunity to explore this trend further, leading to the evolution of prank content.

Unlike traditional prank shows, which target strangers in public places, modern pranksters engage in jestful pranks among friends and family members, often seeking to tease, fool, and entertain their audience.

While most pranks are intended for harmless amusement, some have unintended consequences, leading to backlash and criticism from the public.


Several Kenyan celebrities have found themselves in hot water after their pranks went wrong, causing harm or distress to others. Here are some notable examples:

In April 2024, popular content creators Kabi and Milly WaJesus faced criticism after a prank went awry involving a young born-again couple known as Wapendwa Muziki, who considered the WaJesus their mentors.

In a now-deleted video, Milly and Kabi were filmed chasing the Wapendwa couple away from their home. Unaware that it was a prank, the Wapendwa couple sadly left the compound with heavy hearts.


The Wapendwa couple, captured crying in their car after Milly pleaded with them to return, revealed that the prank triggered painful memories of past rejection by people they looked up to.

Many viewers empathized with their distress, suggesting that the WaJesus may have gone too far with the prank.

In November 2023, content creator Georgina Njenga faced severe backlash from social media users after sharing a video on her YouTube page.


The prank involved placing bundles of cash on the floor to create the illusion that the nanny had stolen the money.

Georgina then instructed the nanny to take the money and leave. Visibly upset, the nanny denied any wrongdoing, leading to a tense exchange as she defended herself against the accusations of theft.

The online community swiftly condemned Georgina's prank, with many expressing their disapproval of her actions as a content producer.


In May 2021, singer Nyota Ndogo disclosed that her husband had 'dumped' and blocked her after a pregnancy prank on April Fool's Day went awry.

The 'Watu Na Viatu' hitmaker reportedly played a prank on her husband by falsely claiming she was pregnant, despite the couple not having been together for three months prior.

This action greatly angered her husband, Nielsen, leading to their fallout. Her husband later forgave her and they reunited.


In 2020, well-known comedian Nicki Bigfish faced physical assault from enraged individuals while executing a prank on his Ebru TV Show named 'Jibonge.'

Taking to Instagram, the comedian informed his followers that he had been attacked after a prank went awry, expressing disappointment in the delayed response of his security team.

Despite the incident, he reassured his fans of his return to the screens and requested their prayers.


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