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Kenyan women flock South African priest's TikTok account seeking redemption

Karabo Papa is a South African priest who was ordained recently

Karabo Papa K

Karabo Papa K, a recently ordained South African priest, has become an unexpected sensation in Kenya, all thanks to his viral TikTok videos during mass.

His charismatic online presence has not only garnered him new followers from Kenya but has also generated a whirlwind of admiration and love from Kenyan women.

Karabo Papa K, known as @karabopapak on TikTok, has managed to captivate Kenyan audiences with his engaging and relatable content.


However, a closer look at the comment sections of his videos reveals that the majority of the comments are from Kenyan ladies expressing their deep affection for the priest.

Some Kenyan admirers have gone as far as expressing their willingness to travel to South Africa to attend his church services.

Others, in a playful tone, have jokingly suggested that they will reach out to President William Ruto to invite Karabo Papa K to come and bless Kenyan worshippers.

One thing that is clear is how Papa's dancing and dabbing thrills even the congregants, who have shared multiple videos of him doing what he loves.


mweluluna Father if I walk from kenya to South Africa, will I make it to your next mass on time?

The chosen The way kenyans have landed on this priests posts 😁😁 wueh.

lucky_Q❤️ I don't know how to tell you this 😂😂but the best advice I can give you is don't even try step anywhere around Kenya.


koshy Charles Dear fr.on behalf of Kenyan ladies,we are talking to our president Ruto you come to come and pray for us just 1 Sunday and our hearts will be healed.

Fay94 I don't understand the language but mass huanza saa ngapi yawaa.

Njogu sophia 🤣🤣🤣aaaah my fellow Kenyans never disappoint tutapataneni archives tuanze safari adi south Africa by Sunday tutakua tumefika.

sophie My fellow Kenyans will make you famous within one our now you're trending welcome us to your mass we love church a lot.


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