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Kenyan ladies whose exes took over their accounts after breakup

Here is a list of Kenyan celebrities whose ex-boyfriends assumed control of their social media accounts after breakup

From left: Mungai Eve, Carol Sonie and Keranta

In today's digital era, social media platforms serve as more than just tools for staying connected; they represent extensions of our personal and professional lives.

This rings especially true for public figures and celebrities, whose online presence can significantly impact their careers and personal brands.

However, what occurs when personal relationships sour and these platforms become battlegrounds?


Nairofey and her boyfriend Yeforian parted ways earlier in 2023, with both exchanging accusations and animosity on social media. Nairofey alleged that her estranged partner hacked her Gmail account and took control of her YouTube account.

She also claimed that he misrepresented his profession and pressured her into signing a prenuptial agreement.

Yeforian, in turn, accused Nairofey of infidelity with multiple partners, including women. Despite their public fallout, the couple reconciled shortly afterward.


Keranta and Amore gained a sizable social media following due to their inspiring relationship, which lasted over two years.

They even launched their own YouTube channel, The Amore Family, which garnered a large following for its content centered around pranks and surprises.

However, their relationship came to an abrupt halt after Amore accused Keranta of cheating—a claim she vehemently denied.


Keranta also disclosed that she was locked out of their joint YouTube channel and blocked from viewing his Instagram posts. She further revealed that Amore requested the return of his belongings.

Comedian Mulamwah's ex-girlfriend Carol Sonie made headlines in 2022 when she disclosed that she had created new social media accounts.

She explained that she was compelled to abandon her Instagram page, boasting over 82,000 followers, due to a disagreement with Mulamwah.


The disagreement prompted her to start anew, owning her content and moving forward independently.

The breakup between Eve Mungai and director Trevor in February 2024 sent shockwaves through the industry.

In addition to trading insults and accusations, Trevor assumed control of Eve Mungai's social media channels, excluding Instagram, which he deemed intimate.


He announced on his Instagram story that he would be taking over their jointly owned platforms, including their YouTube channel with over 754,000 subscribers and Facebook page with over 847,000 followers.

Trevor rebranded their platforms under Kenya Online Media, effectively excluding Eve Mungai from future involvement.

Kenyan vlogger Natalie Tewa and her Ugandan boyfriend Rnaze ended their relationship in 2019, with Rnaze publicly announcing the breakup on Instagram.


Natalie, who began her YouTube channel documenting her fitness journey in 2015, experienced a surge in popularity after transitioning to documenting her natural hair journey.

The couple, once regarded as 'CoupleGoals', shared their relationship journey with their fans, but tensions arose when Rnaze deleted Natalie's content from YouTube and Instagram.

The incident prompted Natalie to address the breakup publicly, revealing that they had previously shared passwords to all their social media accounts.


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