Khaligraph Jones flashes bundles of money, joins attack on Ezekiel Mutua [Video]

Ezekiel Mutua is under fire for saying that Kenyan entertainers were poor

Khaligraph Jones

Kenyan musician Khaligraph Jones flashed wads of cash in a warning message to Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua.

Taking a cue from Eric Omondi, Khaligraph held bundles of money to his ears and pretended to be calling the comedian who is currently on tour in Tanzania.

Heshimu Kipaji. Had a short conversation with my friend Eric Omondi concerning the current situation in our Industry.

I was really disappointed by remarks made by some high government top-ranked official. Hopefully, we will resolve the situation. watch this space,” the OG posted on his Instagram page.

Khaligraph has joined in the attack against Ezekiel who is under fire for insinuating that the Kenyan entertainment industry was struggling.

Hakuna pesa alitoa. Omondi ni maskini…hizo ni sarakasi za kujionesha. Wanafanya hizo sarakasi waoneshe wanakejeli serikali lakini hakuna pesa ya kweli.

Hawa watu wote ni maskini bwana wa kusaidiwa. Mbona hakumpatia mbeleni?Omondi hana ata mia ata elfu kumi ya kupatia watu…wasanii wanaumia…yeye ni muombaji. Sarakasi ndio zinafanya wapate depression. We talk to them and we know them and we know who is making money,” said Mutua.

In response to the KFCB CEO’s utterances, Omondi vowed to teach him a lesson for disrespecting the industry.

He flashed Sh3 million in foreign currency spread across his hotel room in Tanzania to show that the entertainment industry was still very lucrative.

Omondi said that he is tired of Mutua’s unfounded allegations, as he always makes his money through blood and sweat.

He added that he is disappointed in Mutua for calling the entire industry “Maskini ambao hawajiwezi”.

“Enough is Enough!!! We have to stop this Nonsense!!! All the money I make is through blood and Sweat, most of the money you make is through Misappropriation of Public funds. Kama mimi ni Maskini basi wewe ni mwizi, wa pesa za serikali.

“You promised @mulamwah only to withdraw at the last minute, then you did the same with @bahatikenya only to let him down on the day of his event I had to come through for him like a true brother, but you are a pathological liar Daktari.

I am currently in Dar Es Salaam about to make history by filling up the national stadium and making money while at it. I promise you by the time I land back in Kenya I will ensure you are not occupying that office by September, juu you can not call an entire industry maskini ambao hawajiwezi. Hawa ni Vijana ambao wanajituma ili wapate chakula. Enough!!!” wrote Omondi.

The two have been in constant disagreement with each other with Omondi getting arrested one time over explicit content.


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