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Kisii Gospel singer William Getumbe under fire for 'blasphemy' in new song

Controversial Kisii-Eldoret-based gospel singer William Getumbe has sparked controversy with the release of his latest song, stirring interpretations among Kenyans that he's pleading for an unexpected act from Jesus.

William Getumbe

Kenyans have expressed deep concern and outrage following the release of a controversial song by Kisii musician William Getumbe.

The song, which hit YouTube on February 13, has sparked widespread condemnation for its perceived blasphemous content.

Social media platforms have been abuzz with discussions and reshared clips of the song, with many users voicing their disapproval and urging Getumbe to cease what they consider to be playing with religious sentiments.


Comments flooding the song's YouTube song express dismay at the title and lyrics, with some users feeling that the artist has crossed a line.

A user, mupenziallen808, expressed grave concern, stating, "May you face God himself...and may God teach you a lesson that he is not a man that you should play with his name the way you want."

@beatricemburu5066 Haijaaa so fellow Kenyans tumefika hapa

@brianmutuku23 Hakuna kitu Ingine ungesema


@kushdiboss7386 What kind of a song is this

@mupenziallen808 May you face God himself...and may God teach you a lesson that he is not a man that you should play with his name the way you want, His word says you do all of those things and I remain quiet and you think I am like you. You are going to face God himself....if is this you can teach your sons and daughters about our Jesu Christ deserve kibogo yamungu.

@johnkim1400 The level of moral decay in our current society is irritable, lord have mercy


William Getumbe, aside from his controversial song, is known in musical circles as a worship leader, songwriter, composer, Gospel activist, actor, and producer.

He is the manager and proprietor of Billgets Records, boasting a portfolio of over 38 songs.

This recent controversy is not the first time William Getumbe has found himself at the center of public scrutiny.

In 2022, he sparked a commotion in Eldoret when he took to the streets wearing diapers as part of an awareness campaign on cancer, Fistula, and lifestyle diseases.


Getumbe, who suffers from male fistula complications, aimed to raise awareness about these health issues, albeit in a controversial manner.

The sight of Getumbe donning a Father's Christmas cap and advocating at Eldoret West open-air market left many bewildered and divided, highlighting his penchant for unconventional methods of communication.


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