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Maina Kageni & 8 celebs with insured body parts worth billions

If I lost my voice today, I would be paid a total of Sh100 million- Maina Kageni.

Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni sparked debate on social media after he revealed that he has insured his voice for Sh100 million.

Maina told his co-host Mwalimu King’ang’i that in the event that he lost his voice and was unable to perform his job as a presenter, he would be paid Sh100 million.

"If I lost my voice today, I would be paid a total of Ksh 100 million... have you not insured your voice?" he posed as the two laughed.


This may come as a surprise to many Kenyans but in the world of celebrities and entertainment, the practise is more common.

Given that Kageni earns a lot of money for his voice as a presenter, MC and voice over artist, it is important to secure his source of income.


Other than having her a street and holiday named after her in Barbados, Rihanna’s legs are also insured for Sh100m.


“They named me this year’s Celebrity Legs of a Goddess, so along with the title comes an insurance for your legs of a million dollars,” she said in an interview in 2007.

Mariah Carey

Although she has managed to make a career from her voice and songwriting abilities, Mariah's voice box is not the only part of her body that needs to be protected at all costs.

According to US media outlets, the singer insured her legs for a whopping Sh100 billion in 2006.

Daniel Craig


The former James Bond star has insured his whole body that guarantees him a Sh950 million payout in case he is seriously injured.

David Beckham

Top football players constantly face the risk of career-ending injuries when they’re out on the field, so it makes sense to insure their legs against any mishaps. At the peak of his career Beckham took out a Sh7 billion insurance policy on his legs.

Christiano Ronaldo


Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo also makes his millions kicking a ball around, and his former team Real Madrid wanted to keep it that way when they insured his golden legs for Sh15 billion.

Taylor Swift

Ahead of her 1984 tour in 2015, the songstress insured her legs for Sh4 billion in case of anything happening to prevent her from performing.

Swift is known to flaunt her lean legs, often sporting mini dresses, high waisted shorts, and rompers.

America Ferreira


At the time of filming Ugly Betty, America Ferreira's smile was reportedly insured for around Sh1 billion. Kenyans may also recognise her from the comedy show Superstore.


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