Marya Prude claps back after Kenyans touch her raw nerve

Critics had thrown shade that she was partying too much after breaking up with Willis Raburu.

Willis Raburu with Marya Prude

Marya Prude, the ex-wife of Citizen TV anchor Willis Raburu, has clapped back at critics who have been trolling her and dictating how she should live her life.

In a post on Instagram which is now deleted, Marya said how she conducts her life should not bother Kenyans.

How someone would want me to feel bad about enjoying my own life is something I do not understand.

My friend, if you don’t like your life, do something about it and let others enjoy their own,” she posted.

Critics had thrown shade that she was partying too much after breaking up with the TV personality.

Marya had been posting photos from parties she had attended in Nairobi, Nakuru and other places.

The Amapiano Sundays crew has been hosting the parties since the music genre started trending in Kenya.

Amapiano is a style of house music that emerged in South Africa and is a hybrid of deep house, jazz and lounge music.

Raburu and Prude split up soon after the death of their daughter, Adana, in January 2020, with his now ex-wife moving out of their marital home.

She deactivated all of her social media profiles after the divorce, and when she reactivated them, she dropped the Raburu surname.

The model altered her bio from Marya Raburu to Marya Prude and made her Instagram account public.

Willis Raburu welcomes newborn

Raburu took to his Insta-stories to share a photo of a newborn baby holding his hand; accompanied with Elevation Worship and Maverick City's song Million Little Miracles.

Before sharing the photo, an excited Raburu had shared a series of thanks giving messages and songs via his Insta-stories.

The good news of Willis Raburu’s girlfriend's safe delivery comes weeks after the two held an invite-only baby shower.

The two have been dating low-key, with only a few people aware of their relationship that has been kept away from the public.


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