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Mejja announces comeback to music after throat scare

Welcome back Mejja!

Kenyan rapper Mejja

Kenyan rapper Major Nameye Khadija 'Mejja' has announced that he is done with his treatment and that he will probably drop hits after undergoing a throat treatment process.

Mejja notified his super fans on his mega comeback through his official Instagram page and the message has probably been received well just from the responses that have appeared in the comment section.

"Back To Basics!!!! NiMewahata Manze TuPaTaNe Marima, I have learned a lot through this process. About patience na pia who your real friends are. Tubaki hivo hivo. Mpaka sahii Uzito Wagenge JAHBLESS.


"[Back to basics. I have missed you my fans. This process has taught me a lot about patience and who your real friends are. Let's be true and may God bless you my fans]," posted Mejja.

The 'Usiniharibie Mood' hitmaker further clarified that he will be working under caution as dictated by his doctor.

Mejja recently opened up and said that his throat has been painful since last year but he ignored the problem until he started noting blood stains in his coughs.


"Najua watu wanashangaa mbona nimenyamaza because by now huwa nimerelease ngoma. Nikona issue na throat yangu.

"Vile tuliingia hii mwaka bado nilipuuza hiyo uchungu but sasa nikaanza kuona damu kwa kikohozi ndio nikaenda hospitali, na hapo ndio nilijua hata kuna daktari anaitwa ENT.

"[At the beginning of the year I started noticing that I was constantly feeling irritation in my throat and I later noticed blood in my sputum so I finally went to see a specialist Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) doctor]," Mejja narrated.

Mejja was hopeful that he would sing one day after starting the treatment process and the dream seems to be close to being achieved.


He added that doctors had told him that his poor water intake had contributed to the throat condition which he promised to work on and true to his words, Mejja has shared a photo of himself with a water bottle while announcing that he is back.

His fans are extremely happy about his progress and one Jacktone Aketch joked that he was wondering where Mejja's tumbler was after disappearing for a while.

Mejja has also announced that he will be having a show on March 4, 2023.


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