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Milly Chebby's unexpected reunion with Blessing Lung'aho sparks debate

Milly Chebby reunites with Blessing Lung'aho, showering him with praise for his recent accomplishment amidst ongoing drama with Jackie Matubia.

Milly Chebby

In the intricate web of celebrity friendships, alliances, and romantic entanglements, the Kenyan entertainment scene has recently witnessed a twist in the tale involving Milly Chebby, Blessing Lung'aho, and the enigmatic Jackie.

What seemed like a close-knit friendship between Chebby's and Jackie's families has taken a turn, leaving fans with questions and a front-row seat to the unfolding drama.

Milly Chebby and Jackie were once inseparable besties, with their families sharing a close bond.


However, as the winds of change swept through their friendship, keen-eyed fans noticed a rift when the two stopped following each other on social media.

The camaraderie that once defined their relationship seemed to be fading away.


In a surprising turn of events, Milly Chebby and Blessing Lung'aho, Jackie's ex and the father of her child, were recently spotted together in a video.

This unexpected union has sparked a flurry of questions, especially considering the strained relationship between Jackie and Blessing.

Throughout 2023, Jackie has not minced words when it comes to expressing her views on Blessing Lung'aho.


She has publicly labeled him a 'deadbeat father,' adding fuel to the already blazing fire.

The reasons behind their discord remain private, yet the public spectacles suggest a rocky co-parenting journey.


When Jackie and Lung'aho called it quits, Chebby, who was still friends with Jackie at the time, unfollowed Blessing on Instagram—a move perceived as a gesture of solidarity with her then-bestie.

However, recent events have thrown a curveball into this narrative, as Milly Chebby and Blessing Lung'aho were seen together, seemingly in good spirits.


The unexpected reunion between Chebby and Lung'aho occurred at an event celebrating Terence Creative's involvement in a new Netflix film 'Volume'.

Milly Chebby, present to show support, crossed paths with the actor, and a video shared on her Instagram stories captured the seemingly joyous encounter.

Chebby showered Lung'aho with praise, marking a stark departure from the previous tensions.


"Congratulations, Blessing for killing it on Volumetheseries," she wrote.

As the video circulated on social media, fans couldn't help but express their curiosity and surprise at the unexpected encounter.


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