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Miss Trudy goes after fans attacking her husband after month-long absence from YouTube

Miss Trudy stated that her previous longest break was two weeks, and this time, she opted for a more extended hiatus for self-reflection.

Miss Trudy

Content creator Gertrude Awino Njeri, popularly known as Miss Trudy, has recently addressed her fans in a video on her YouTube channel, urging them to ease off on her husband, Wode Maya, amid her month-long break from content creation.

Miss Trudy, who is married to the Ghanaian content creator expressed her concern about fans blaming him for her absence. In the video, she defended her husband, describing him as 'the sweetest guy out there' and urged fans to approach him with politeness.

"You've been on Maya's case attacking him, sending him messages all over social media asking what have you done to Miss Trudy, and that's sweet, but you guys also don't understand that Maya is the sweetest guy out there," Trudy said.

Miss Trudy emphasised that her husband has nothing to do with her decision to take a break from YouTube.


She requested her fans to understand the complexities of her life beyond the screen and appreciate Wode Maya's role as her biggest support system.

The content creator disclosed that her hiatus has been a period of self-reflection and personal growth. She assured her audience that the changes she experienced during her break would be reflected in her upcoming content.

"You guys know I have always been consistent, but it gets to a time in life when you just need to breathe.


"So I had to go away, and while I was away, I have done a lot of soul-searching. Expect different content, and I am also evolving; things need to change," Trudy explained.

Miss Trudy and Wode Maya got married in September 2022, and the couple has been actively creating content on their respective YouTube channels. READ: Miss Trudy faces backlash from Ugandans after this comment

Beyond content creation, Miss Trudy also runs an Airbnb business which she said has come through for her in a big way during the time she was away from the digital space.


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