Singer Nadia Mukami has sparked a heated debate on Twitter after crowning herself as the best song writer and Lyricist of this Generation.

In a number of tweets, the Kolo hit maker, called for introduction of songwriter of the Year Awards, stating that there is need to shift the focus to the power of the pen.

“I am the Best Songwriter/ Lyricist of this Generation!!

Why Dont we have songwriter of the Year in Awards!!? We need to shift Focus to The Power of the Pen!!?” tweeted Nadia Mukami.

The songstress went on to state that she is happy to have ignited a conversation on song writing in the music industry.

“I am happy to have sparked a Conversation on Songwriting! Am trending, Am calling upon all Award Shows to have a Category on Songwriter of the Year! Do you know that so many Songwriters are Not even Singers!! Let’s create a Norm of appreciating them!! Tag all award shows!!!” said Nadia Mukami.

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Following Ms Mukami’s bold statement on her song writing skills, Kenyans on Twitter (KOT), joined the conversation with everyone trying hard to have his or her opinion heard.

A section agreed with Ms Mukami’s words while others opted to differ stating that they are not consumers of her music.

Singer Nadia Mukami
Singer Nadia Mukami

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