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Nasra Yussuf divides fans with content depicting men's actions during iftar

Popular comedian Nasra Yussuf posted a video showcasing what Somali men allegedly do during iftar

A screengrab of Nasra Yussuf on one of her 'Somali Man' sets ( Instagram)

Popular comedian Nasra Yussuf has found herself at the center of attention due to her latest comedic content.

Known for her series on Somali men, Nasra shared a video that has divided her audience, garnering both love and criticism.

Just a day after posting the controversial content, Nasra became one of the top trending topics in Kenya.


The video depicted what Nasra humorously referred to as the post-iftar activities of married Somali men.

Iftar, observed during Ramadan, is the evening meal when Muslims break their fast at sunset. It serves as the main meal for those fasting during the day.

While some of Nasra's audience enjoyed the video, others criticised it for allegedly going against the religious norms of the Somali community.

Certain X users argued that Nasra's portrayal in the video disrespected the Somali religion, leading to calls for her to lose respect.


"That’s not content Nasra you can produce proper content without demeaning your religion," one of her fans responded on Instagram.

"Nasra seems to be chasing YouTube money while trying to establish herself as a funny comedian. in her pursuit, she appears to be breaching the rules of her own religion. If she can't respect her own religious beliefs, how can she expect others to respect her?" an X user commented.

In response to the trending controversy, Nasra took to Instagram with her trademark humuor.


She posted a lighthearted message, acknowledging the backlash but also embracing the attention.

Nasra humorously remarked, "My last video is getting me cooked ile proper. Lakini Mi nasema a win is a win🤣As long as I’m trending for content then why not!?!"


Nasra Yusuf stands out as one of the few women who have achieved success as a comedian on the 'Churchill Show', and she fully maximized the opportunity.

In 2023, Nasra successfully hosted comedy events under her name, attracting fellow comedians who have come out to show their support.

Throughout her tenure with Churchill, Nasra adeptly converted everyday life experiences into humour, a skill she maintains through her present-day TikTok videos.


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