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Ndovu ni kuu maker to sue upcoming artiste who deleted his song from YouTube

Krispah takes legal action against the upcoming artiste

Khaligraph Jones, Boutross Munene and Krispah

Ndovu ni Kuu hit-maker Krispah has promised to take legal action against the upcoming artiste who reported his song resulting to a copyright strike on YouTube.

In a six-minutes’ explanation, Krispah said that the dilemma surrounding his song started on Friday, after a guy purporting to be the director of communications at Kenyatta University reached out to him with claims that the song had ruined the reputation of their institution.

“This started on Friday, where someone reached out to me, a guy named Koinange Masua who claimed to be the Director of Commutations Kenyatta University…we talked and told him we need to keep everything formal and scheduled zoom meetings with my team… then he started saying my song has a negative impact on the brand of their school and we need to chat a way forward.

“He told me he has talked to the Vice-Chancellor and it will be best for me to perform in their Graduation which is scheduled for this coming week (Friday)…na pia nikuwe kwa collabo ya wasanii wa shule yao who are pro-the school, which he claims that’s a way to mitigate the effects has done” explained Krispah in Part.


The musician went on to state that they sent the person the cost of having him perform at their graduation and feature in their song, which he turned down.

“Kumtumia e-mail, he wrote back to us saying Kenyatta University cannot pay me to mitigate the effects my song has brought to their Institution. Ati intake ya shule yao imeenda chini kwa sababu ya ngoma yangu. What do you me, at 40% intake imeenda chini kwa sababu ya ngoma yangu. Does it make sense to you guys?... You guys wanted to use brand influence for free, sisi ni artiste tunatumia doo na muache kubeba wasanii ufala…this has to be connected coz there is no way ngoma yangu imeenda 3.5 million views na hatujawahi pata ha copyright strike moja until Friday tubonge na huyu jamaa wa Kenyatta University” said Krispah.

Addressing the upcoming artiste who filed for the Copyright strike, the star said;

“Tumeskiza hiyo ngoma with my team, there is no sonic or visual relation to is song and mine. Mimi ni Music producer niko ni master, vocals za hii ngoma. Ni mimi nilimaster na nikamix na kumake beat… how do you claim hiyo nfoma inafanana na yangu, Bro kwanz hauna talent unaforce na kila mtu anaona. Hii kumisuse tools za YouTube bring wasanii down, ujue wasanii wanafanya biashara.”


In a conversation with Krispah’s management the upcoming artiste identified himself as the ambassador of Kenyatta University (KU) before claiming that his song had been sampled.

“Kenyatta University is a very big institution, and Ndovu Kuu coming to sing that Kenyatta University hakuna Masomo that was a very big mistake and also they sampled my beat of the song called V8.

Two issues the beat and Kenyatta University part…I’m the ambassador of KU” claimed Dexta Briyanka.


The management ended the conversation with; “Our lawyers will be in touch”.

Krispah signed off by saying, the copyright strike was just a malicious act from people who were out to bully and frustrated him for no good reason.

“This is my update on the malicious activity that happened to my YouTube video Ndovu Ni Kuu..We Shall get to the root of this and legal action against each and every one involved!” he wrote.


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