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Omosh reveals what next after Kenyans came to his rescue & why he opted to go public with his struggle (Video)

Keep on praying for me, that’s is the best present one can give, Kuteleza sio kudunda- Omosh

Actor Joseph Kinuthia Aka Omosh

Veteran actor Joseph Kinuthia alias Omosh has revealed his next course of action after Kenyans overwhelmingly came to his rescue, following his emotional public outcry.

In an interview with Pulse Live, Omosh said that he is looking forward to reviving his acting career that had stalled, after Tahidi High stopped filming and the fact that coronavirus pandemic has also altered things.

The actor also mentioned that he will be investing part of the cash he got from Kenyans in what he loves doing the most, and that’s film making and acting.

“Hapa ni kuomba God akupatie the right thing and the right thing is what I like doing the best, that's acting. And the film industry is opening up kidogo… I will be doing some short skits and posting them on YouTube. So I will be doing what I love the most, as they say always Invest in what you love to do the most," said Omosh.


Omosh also said that he will use part of the cash given to him by Kenyans to build a house on a piece of land he was gifted by ZeroHero properties Ltd.

Why did you opt to go public with you struggles? Asked the Pulse Live Presenter.

“Nilikuwa nimefika kwa Corner, ikabidii nipige nduru, and you guys came along and helped me big. I don’t know how to thank you guys. I didn’t know I had so many friends... what I can say ni shukran sana and may God rewards you guys.

…ilikuwa inafika saa zingine Jioni, napiga magoti naambia God, kwani ilikuwa niishe hivi, lakini God naye akacome through. Saa zile unafikiria it’s over, kumbe that the start,” said Omosh.


He went on to reveal that there is a time he stayed for 48 hours without sleep, as he could not stop thinking about the struggles he was going through.

“Sijahi kuwa na Mental issues but there is a time I was going Crazy, things were hard for me, the house had nothing. I stayed for 48 hours without falling asleep juu tu ya zile mashida nilikuwa nazo...kuamka unaamka mapema lakini hakuna mahali unaenda for a year”.

Since going public with his struggles, Kenyans have wholeheartedly contributed for him; so far he got piece of land, over Sh 1 million shillings, over 70k household shopping plus other things.


A message to Kenyans, Omosh said “Keep on praying for me, that’s is the best present one can give. Kuteleza sio kudunda.”

Pulse Interview with Omosh


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