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#PulseCeleb254: When you think it's over, that's just the beginning - Omosh

I have received so many calls, offering me jobs- Omosh

Former Tahidi High actor, Omosh

Former Tahidi High actor, Joseph Kinuthia, popularly known as Omosh has opened up on how things have turned around for him, since going public about his struggles.

In an interview with Pulse Live, Omosh spoke on how the kindness of Kenyans has helped him see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I didn't know I had many friends. I owe you a lot and thank you for the support you've shown me,” he said.


From getting a parcel of land to being offered dental surgery, as well as shopping worth thousands of shillings, many Kenyans have come out to help the beloved actor who graced our screens.

The actor goes on to tell us about a time when he was down in the dumps and everyday felt like a pain.

I have never had mental health issues but I remember a time when I was down and I once was up for more than 48 hours because I stressed about life; what will my children eat, where will I go. I wanted to have somewhere to go, something to do and look forward to but I had nothing. I started surviving on side hustles and all that fell apart when we were hit with a pandemic and with COVID restrictions, things got hard,” narrated Omosh.


Omosh’s future plans

The actor is now hopeful about the future and prays that things go on the steady climb that they are taking.

Things are opening up and God is good. I have been called for jobs that I didn't think would come. Doors are opening up. I used to ask for one job and now they're coming in millions. I would like to get back into the film industry again; with a particular interest in shooting short films.

As for acting, Omosh says that it's the one thing that he loves to do. “Unaskianga poa sana ukifanya the thing you love and for me its acting. I feel at home with acting. Me nitasema, ‘Do what you know and what you love."



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