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Omosh's first wife asks Kenyans to build her a house too [Video]

Mrs Ngatia claims Omosh's 2nd wife has taken over the 3-bedroom house wellwishers gave him.

Omosh's first wife asks Kenyans to build her a house

Judy Wachuka, alias Mrs Ngatia who the first wife of popular actor Omosh Kizangila, has now appealed to Kenyans to build her a house.

This comes just months after radio presenter Jalang'o handed Omosh a 3-bedroom house along Kangundo road.

Speaking in a recent interview where the couple appeared together, Mrs. Ngatia said they are living in a bedsitter with their three children in Kayole.

She added that they have not paid rent for two months while Omosh's second wife currently occupies the house well-wishers built for him.


She acknowledged that Omosh's second wife took priority because she has little children who need special care.

Even if I get a one-bedroom, metal house, I would move into it very fast. I don’t want to disturb people because I know times are hard. I would appreciate it even if I get a temporary structure for now,” she said.

Mrs Ngatia, who owes her landlord Sh10,000 in rent arrears explained that this was not the first time she was unable to afford rent but the pandemic had made things worse.

My landlords used to see us on TV and would not believe that we could not pay rent. One time, I used to stay in Umoja but was thrown out by the landlord saying my husband has a big name,” she divulged.


Mrs Ngatia added that the situation was so embrassing that she would wear a buibui in public to avoid getting noticed.

Omosh's response

On his part, Omosh acknowleged that in deed his first wife needed a house to move into and avoid paying rent.

"Luck fell on my second wife but my dream is to also build my first wife a house. If we can get money, there is land where a house can be built for her. Before I die, she will have a house," Omosh vowed.

Mrs Ngatia added that one of the wishes of Omosh's late father was for the actor to build his first wife a house at a piece of land in Karura which he allocated them.


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