Omosh’s House is Complete- Jalang’o as he shares photos of the beautiful house

The hand over will be tommorrow

Omosh’s House is Complete- Jalang’o as he shares Exclusive photos of the beautiful house

Media Personality Jalang’o has disclosed that Actor Joseph Kinuthia aka Omosh’s house is complete and it will be handed over to him tomorrow (Wednesday).

In an Instagram post, the Kiss 100 Presenter shared exclusive photos of the Mansion, thanking all who made sure the project is complete.

“Omosh house is complete....we hand it over tommorow! We promised...we delivered

Thanks to Sung Timber

Zero Hero Properties Ltd and everyone who made this possible” wrote Jalang’o.

A few months ago, Omosh’s public outcry got Sung Timber’s attention under the leadership of their CEO and founder Kathy Andrew who promised to foot the construction cost of the whole house. And true to her word, Kathy has been instrumental in making sure Omosh’s house is completed through the help of a few of her friends.

According to Kathy, the house is a three-bedroom master ensuite with an American open kitchen.

“It was very impressive to see these amazing good friends yesterday come and honour their pledges towards construction of Omosh's house. May our good Lord bless you more for your kind gesture.

Thank you so much 🙏” reads a post from Sung Timber.

The house has been built on a piece of land that was given to Omosh by Zero Hero Properties after going public with his struggles.

The good news of the completion of Omosh’s house come days after he was forced to apologize to Kenyans, promising to never beg again.

In an Interview, with Hiram Maina, Omosh said that he never expected that his sentiments will anger Kenyans.

I'm Sorry

“Mimi mwenye nilikuja kujiuliza surely what did I do…ushawahi fanya kitu mpaka wewe mwenyewe unajichukia...Unafanaya kitu alafu you start wishing you never did it.

Reason being, umeudhi watu..mimi sikuwa najua wakenya wataudhika hivo..nilikuwa najua watachukulia huyu ni ule Omosh Joker, Kitu kama hiyo.

But One thing kwani nini walichukulia serious is because they gave me their money. They fought for my upcoming again. Kenyans please, I know you are forgiving, I’m just your brother please forgive me, please Naomba tu, am so sorry, you will never here of that again. You will never hear that from me again. But when you hear from me it will be entertainment” Omosh said.

Appeal for Help

On June 25, 2021, Omosh angered Kenyans after he came out appealing for help once again, months after Kenyans came to his rescue.

In an interview with TV47, Omosh disclosed that many people who promised to help him gave empty promises. The actor says he is in need of a camera, tripod, lights and a microphone to produce his planned comedy skits.

He added that he paid his debts with a big chunk of the money he received, something that left him with empty pockets.


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