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Calls for rehab after video of drunk Omosh surfaces online

Omosh is seen in a dirty three-piece suit after falling several times

Omosh appeals for help again

Kenyans have called for the rehabilitation of legendary comedian Joseph Kinuthia alias Omosh, after a video was shared on the internet showing him being helped to get home.

The video was shared by a Kenyan who claimed to be Omosh’s neighbour, adding that the video was recorded about one month ago.

When he was given the money he started drinking in suits until he is carried home. I have seen him severally because we stay in the same area,” the neighbour said.

In the video, Omosh is seen in the company of a man who is trying to help him walk. A wobbly Omosh is dressed in a navy blue three-piece suit `which is dirty from the number of times he had fallen on the ground.


This comes in the backdrop of backlash against the actor who asked Kenyans to contribute more money to help him get back on his feet.

Many Kenyans have compared the actor’s indulgence with the popular Githeri Man who was also given lots of money, only to be found in a drunken stupor.

This guy should be taken to rehab. It’s not a laughing matter, many people are suffering from alcoholism,” said Tim Jimmy on Facebook.

As many criticized the actor, a section of Kenyans was sympathetic of his situation, called for people to check on their friends.


Growing up and being conscious of what you say is hard. Halfway through trolling Omosh you remember your friends are alcoholics too and now you feel bad,” commented Wamuhu on Twitter.

Omosh asks for help again

“Manze kama ulisema unanitumia kakitu kwani kaliendaje? Bado nategea tu… Kusema tu uwkeli nilipata less than Sh1 million shillings. Nikalipa madeni, chuo ya watoi, juu nilikuwa nimekaa one year, four months bila kulipa.

“Nililipa Madeni nikabaki zero, so sai madeni zinaweza kuja nikicheza... but so far chuo, hao, food… Manze mnidunge katitu bana... Number ni 0727054141. Tuma kakitu.


“Sai nikapata mtu aninunulie tu camera, tripod, lights mbili na microphone, sasa ni wache kuomba. Juu huyo jamaa atakuwa amenipatia capital ingine ile wacha tu,”

Jalang’o who was among those who fundraised heavily for Omosh by mobilizing his close friends and business partners to help him attacked the comedian for begging again.

“Some people never learn! I can easily assure you that Omosh got more than 1 million from my show. Personally, in cash he got more than 700K, then people sent money directly to him. I hosted him 2 weeks after he came out…people have already started sending him money @Zeroherepropertiesltd got him land and @sungtimber1built him a house @Honalinur gave him food worth 60k and another 100K in Cash! Hii ni Ujinga tu” said Jalang’o.


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