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Otile Brown roasted for struggling to switch on plane TV [Video]

Otile was struggling to put on the TV

Singer Otile Brown

Singer Otile Brown is facing criticism after he shared a video of himself on a plane, likely returning to Kenya after a performance in Munich, Germany over the weekend.

The video shows Otile struggling to turn on the TV in front of his seat, despite having the remote on the right side of his chair.

Fans who follow him on Instagram have criticized him for failing to perform such a simple task, with some suggesting that it was his first time in first class.


"This generation iko na shida. You can see that old couple next to you, they're just chilling hakuna mbwembwe na macamera recording ooh ooh but here comes Otile struggling with the plane TV na camera. Aki si ujana usumbua aki. Otile aki tulia.

"[This generation is troubled. You can see the old couple seated next to you just chilling without any dramas like recording themselves on the plane but here is Otile struggling with the plane TV and a camera. It's tough being a youth. Please relax, Otile]," commented Evans Omarion.

beverage_consultant_kenya Someone ca easily say it your first time in 1st class.... ask for the remote.

pupajahman Haha hii kama ni first class wacha nibakie economy tuu haha this is pure comedy, hati kunaendaje kaka.


derrick_wafu Nani amekasarisha Otile. Macho amekodoa ni kama Ako jaba...ama ni hiyo screen inamkoroga.

keshgracy Walisema showbiz is classy and unpredictable clout! And I love it.

rita_chebet Act like you’ve been there before.

amarulagal Otile.... remote ya hiyo screen iko hapo kando ya kiti. Sawa!


Otile has been having back-to-back shows outside Kenya and his trip to Germany was definitely not his first on the air.

This is not the first time Otile has made headlines after boarding a plane for it once happened after traveling to Tanzania in January.

Kenyan R&B singer Otile Brown was frustrated after losing his two laptops in Tanzania at the Julius Nyerere International Airport.

However, the Kenyan musician did not disclose the worth of his electronics that have vanished in the Bongo land.


"So kwenye airport ya Julius Nyerere Tanzania nimeibiwa Mac/laptop mbili ila walinzi nawatoa huduma wamekataa kutusaidia ndani ya masaa matatu. Wamektaa kuchunguza kwenya cctv. Wametungusha mda. Longest night of my life.

"Yani wanakataa kutoa huduma wakati ku trace laptop zikiwa tu hapo karibu. Tumetoa hadi report ya police ambayo ndio utaratibu ila wakakataa.

"[So I lost two MacBook laptops at Julius Nyerere airport in Tanzania but the security officials refused to help us for around three hours. They have refused to check the CCTV footage despite tracing the laptop]," posted Otile.


However, the laptops were recovered, and the officials handed them back to Otile in his apartment where he was staying in Tanzania.


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