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Otile Brown's promise to lady who tattooed his name on her chest

The lady identified as Katch Gyl said she has an undying love for Otile and the tattoo was one way to express it

A collage of Otile Brown and Katch Gyl

Singer Jacob Obunga, popularly known as Otile Brown, has responded to a woman who recently tattooed his name on her chest as a declaration of her love for him.

The lady identified as Kach Gyl did not end her affection at the tattoo, she professed her love for Otile, emphasizing that her feelings were not driven by money or fame.

She expressed her desire to bear his child and even proposed the idea of getting married, wanting him to be hers forever.

However, Kach Gyl faced backlash and mockery for her actions, with some suggesting that Otile would never be interested in someone like her.


“I was insulted after getting the tattoo. I was told Otile would never want a kienyeji like me. I was told Otile wouldn’t look for me, and I was wasting my time,” she said in an interview on Eve Mungai's YouTube channel.

Undeterred, she shared her disappointment about the insults she received, recounting the discouraging comments she had encountered.

Addressing Kach Gyl's devotion, Otile Brown responded with gratitude and encouragement. He assured her that he values her love and intends to take her out on a date once he returns from his trip to London. Otile also advised her to ignore the naysayers who belittled her.


"Don't mind them. You are amazing, and I appreciate the love. Kienyeji hukua yenyewe. I will take you out for coffee when I return from my trip to London, inshallah. Thank you," Otile responded, acknowledging the depth of her dedication.

He continued the conversation with Kach Gyl privately, suggesting a dinner date instead and expressing his happiness to finally connect with her.

Overwhelmed with joy, she eagerly responded, expressing her disbelief that Otile had actually responded to her and expressing her excitement for their upcoming meeting.


This is not the first time that fans have tattooed the name of their celebrity crushes on their bodies. In recent times, there have been several cases of fans tattooing their favourite celebrity's name or image on their bodies.

Besides admiration for their favourite celebrities, some choose to get tattoos in honour of those they cherish.


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