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Man Kush - My wife nearly killed me for cheating

Pastor Man Kush recounts terrifying encounter when his wife almost killed him for cheating

Pastor Mn Kush

Pastor Paul Kuria, famously known as Man Kush, has shared an experience from his past that he will never forget.

Speaking on Radio 47's 'Maskani' program, the pastor revealed a frightening incident when his wife, heavily pregnant at the time, discovered his infidelity and nearly harmed him in a fit of rage.

Reflecting on the tumultuous events of that fateful day, Pastor Man Kush began by delving into the circumstances leading up to the altercation with his wife.


He recounted his employment at a nightclub called Karibu Club in Nakuru, where he encountered a captivating woman named Sabina Balongo, originally from the Kisii community.

Recalling the intricate details, Pastor Man Kush disclosed that he hurried home, where he and his wife resided in a rented house paying a modest sum of Sh15.

Nilikuwa nafanya kazi kwa club moja kule nakuru ilikuwa inaitwa Karibu Club na nikaona msichana mzuri sana alikuwa anaitwa Sabina Balongo, alikuwa mkisii.


Sensing the need to deceive his wife, he concocted a story about visiting his aunt and persuaded her to take their children along to keep them company in his absence.

Nikakimbia nyumbani. nilikuwa nimekodesha nyumba tulikuwa tunalipa Sh15. Nikaenda nikadanganya mke wangu aende kwa auntie yangu akae na watoto sababu my aunt travelled sasa watoto wasikae pekee yangu. Akaniambia ameenda,

Unbeknownst to Man Kush, the truth about his rendezvous began to surface when a concerned neighbor tipped her off his wife about his planned activities.

Mama mwingine neigbour wangu akaambia mke wangu ' huyu na mzee wangu nawajua na wanawake'. Akamwambia ashike kisu ndio nikikuja aniue.


The pastor vividly described the tense atmosphere as he and the girl returned home to discover his wife was waiting for him in the house.

The sight was alarming, and tensions quickly escalated. His pregnant wife, filled with rage and betrayal, brandished a knife, threatening him with dire consequences.

Man Kush admitted that his wife gave both him and the girl the beating of their lives but he did not attack back because of her condition.

"Sasa tulikuwa tunaona na ile taa inaekwa mafuta na nyumba yangu ungefungua mlango ingegonga kitanda coz nyumba ilikuwa ndogo. Tukakuja tukapata kufuli na tulikuwa tumelewa. Tukafungua tukaingia na tukaona mtu kando ya kitanda.


"Nani si tuligongwa. Tulichapwa kuchapwa. Na sasa mke wangu alikuwa na mimba ilikuwa ajifungue next month. Sasa sikutaka kumgonga," he said.

In a moment of vulnerability and desperation, Pastor Man Kush made a pivotal decision to run away and leave his wife inside the house.

"Nilifungua mlango na tukatoka na ule msichana na nikafunga mlango. Tulienda kwa hoteli ingine ilikuwa the other side of the road na tukalala huko. I'll never forget that day," he said.


He and the girl spent the night in a nearby hotel. The next day, he confronted the reality of his infidelity and sought redemption.

Although the encounter was traumatic, Man Kush expressed gratitude that his wife ultimately forgave him for his transgressions.

He acknowledged her strength in overcoming the betrayal and extended forgiveness, allowing their relationship to heal and move forward.


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