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Pastor Ng'ang'a clashes with fellow pastors over selling 'holy' towel & hair

Pastor Ng'ang'a defends sale of 'holy' water, towel & hair, warns other pastors to mind their business

 Apostle James Maina Ng'ang'a

The founder of Neno Evangelism, Apostle James Maina Ng'ang'a, is once again at the Centre of controversy as his fellow pastors openly criticize his practice of selling what he claims to be 'holy water.'

During a recent sermon, Ng'ang'a defended his actions and recounted his troubled past, unleashing a fiery outburst that stunned the congregation.

Pastors allegedly attacked Ng'ang'a for selling what he claims is 'holy water.'


They questioned the authenticity and morality of his actions, leading to a heated confrontation during one of his sermons.

Ng'ang'a, known for his extravagant sermons responded vehemently, demanding respect from the pastors.


In an attempt to justify his behaviour, Ng'ang'a opened up about his troubled past, confessing to a history of drug abuse, violence, and criminal activities.

“I have smoked bhang...I have carried g*ns, and then you want to come here and put limits on what I should do when you haven’t even carried a knife,” Ng’ang’a angrily stated.

Ng'ang'a then brandished a bottle of what he claimed to be "holy water," asserting its supernatural powers and demanding payment for it.


Ng'ang'a further escalated the situation by threatening to sell items believed to possess miraculous properties, including towels and even people's hair.

"This is not common water, and I will not give it to you for free. Pay the price if you want it. Free things are not good.

“Blast me today for selling water, and I will start selling stones so that you can troll me. I will sell everything,” he proclaimed.

He boldly declared that he would sell anything, including others' mothers if criticized for selling water.


In addition to defending his actions, Ng'ang'a openly criticized his fellow pastors, accusing them of meddling in his affairs.

“Stop attacking me; I am not your agemate. I did not go to school with you, so limit your faith and church,” he said.

He rebuked them for talking too much and urged them to focus on their own churches, claiming superiority due to his unique life journey.

“Some of you pastors talk too much, mind your own business with your church,” Ng'ang'a continued.


This is not the first time Ng'ang'a has courted controversy.

In a past incident, he threatened to close Neno Evangelism Church branches, citing a lack of respect for his wife.

Videos circulated online showing Ng'ang'a warning the bishops and vowing to eject them if they did not comply.


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