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Post your Baby Daddy tukuogope- shouts Akothee as she flaunts baby daddies

Happy father's day to sperm donors- Akothee

Post your Baby Daddy tukuogope- Akothee

Madam Boss Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee has gone all out today sharing her baby daddies pictures.

To mark Father’s Day, Akothee started with her own dad, excitedly sharing that he is her biggest fan.

Happy father's day Tingana , The only human being who will never choose any Queen over his princess. Ajos Tinga My number one fan , all that I do is fun and very okey with him . Daddy your health is the only wealth I have 💋I love you Soo much and may the almighty protect you Daddy. Happy Father's day 💋@_joshuaowinokokeyo,”wrote Akothee.


Papa Oyoo

Always known to be controversial, Akothee started with French baby daddy, Dominique, the father to her son Oyoo.

The affection for Papa Oyoo is clearly evident as she described him as ‘the one and only unique man I have met in my life.”

The singer notes that he is the only man who helped her raise all her children while many men rejected her for having ‘too many’ children.

In 2020, Akothee disclosed that Papa Oyoo had bought her a KSh 45 million house surprising her despite it being his birthday.


Papa Vesha Okello, Celly Rue, Prudence Otieno

The Akothee Safaris CEO moved on to the father of her 3 daughters, Jared, disclosing that she’s always wanted to forget his existence.

“Happy father's Day wuon nyiri. Every time I want to delete you from my brain ,life reminds me that I could not get myself pregnant🤦Thank you for the 3 intelligent gifts you gave to me . You still remain the BIOLOGICAL father to my 3 daughters, May God be with you and your family daddy we love and cherish you Jared baba @veshashaillan @fancy_makadia HAPPY FATHER'S DAY 💪


Papa Ojwang

Last but not least, the father to son, Ojwang.

Akothee shared that he is the most stressful baby daddy and tat she’s always felt like beating him up.

In a cryptic message, Madam Boss says that they’re constantly fighting and she can’t wait for her son to turn 18 so that it stops.

Can't wait for 18 years for us to stop fighting haki , 6 more years to go & our son turns 18 my headache , sometimes you drop some lines that send me directly into second labor , I feel like beating you up ,arresting you or even climbing on top of that your kipara🤔Then I remembered ,I can't get myself pregnant.


Thank you for the handsome Intelligent humble Son @princeojwang

Happy father's day Papa

We love and cherish you ❤️ you are a blessing into my life 💪

Aol gi riedo baby dete

Translation !👇👇👇


Lakini kuwa mpole utulipie holiday wacha kunipa pressure

And of course, Akothee had a special message reserved to some single mothers.

Some mothers won't post their baby daddies ,they call me names ,but their chain looks like this for one child , one child many donors 🤔💃💃💃💃💃💃 Wanaume mnacheswa .Post your baby daddy today tukuogope .Even if he doesn't provide ,you have to appreciate him ,you can't get yourself pregnant 🤣🤣🤣🤣


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