#PulseHotTwist; Hot96’s Annitah Raey quits over Toxic Bosses, Risper Faith looking all snatched up days after liposuction surgery & other stories


Annitah Raey, Zari Hassan, Kahush and Risper Faith

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Annitah Raey part ways with Hot 96 over Toxic Bosses

Hot96 radio Presenter Annitah Raey parted ways with the Royal Media Services (RMS) owned station over what she termed as “toxic bosses”.

In a number of tweets, Raey mentioned that resigning was the best decision she ever made in her 30s because her job was becoming unbearable and slowly pushing her towards suicide.

"So I resigned. Best decision I have made in my 30 years...

Toxic bosses is something I need to talk about...

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When someone pushes you to suicide..

Takes away the joy of life..

Makes you hate a job that gave you joy...

Then being silent about it is empowering that person..

I might not change anything but I will encourage anyone who has has toxic boss” shared Annitah Raey.

She further stated that Radio will always remain to be her first love, but at the moment she had decided to choose herself over any job that will take away her Joy.

“Radio will always Be The Love Of My Life

I have never ever ranted about my personal life online..

I have never ranted about my work either.. Am not about to start today

But I have learned to choose myself above any job because if I died today then someone will replace me tomorrow.. I choose my sanity” added Ms Raey.

She added that; “I have so many messages. Thanks for the love. I appreciate the hate, And I also appreciate the advice.. I will still do that video.. Most people are worried I will ruin future employment.. I have never lied I won't start today…I will talk about toxic bosses”.

Annitah has ended her relationship with Hot96 after two years as she made her debut on the station on October 15, 2018. Before joining Hot96 she had worked with, Ghetto Radio, Milele FM and Radio Jambo.

Risper Faith steps out looking all snatched up days after liposuction surgery

Former Nairobi Diaries Actress Risper Faith excited a section of her 312K followers after stepping out looking all snatched up days after undergoing liposuction surgery.

On Thursday, Faith shared a photo rocking a black body hugging dress, putting her curves on display and fans could not help it but gush over her body with lovely comments.

"Good morning loves as we wait for the reveal pics am glad am now at the 4th week after surgery and have been discharged to wear heels thanks to @notabletreasures for the comfortable heels” Risper captioned her photo. Good morning loves as we wait for the reveal pics am glad am now at the 4th week after surgery and have been discharged to wear heels thanks to @notabletreasures for the comfortable heels” Risper captioned her photo.

On October 31, the actress made it public that she had undergone liposuction surgery in the quest to eliminate extra fats from her body and put to rest her struggles with body weight. She mentioned that 8 litres of fats was removed from her stomach and lower back.

Mutahi Kagwe’s rapper son Kahush lands first ambassadorial deal

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe’s rapper son Kahush, landed his first ambassadorial deal, with Fresh Chewing Gum.

In photos seen by Pulse Live, Kahush will be the brand ambassador for the newly rebranded chewing gum brand.

He noted that the company approached him because he is one of the fast-rising artistes in the Kenyan entertainment scene, and he also resonates with the brand.

Fresh chewing gum was rebranding they felt the need to partner with an artist who is rising right now in the entertainment industry and who resonates with their brand,” said Kahush.

He did not however, disclosed how much the deal is worth saying that he would like to keep private that part of the deal.

Kahush rose to the limelight with his song “Mi Siwezi” during the covid-19 pandemic and has never looked back. He currently has 4 songs under his name since he went mainstream.

Alicia Keys talks about her experience working with Diamond Platnumz

Fifteen-time Grammy winner Alicia Keys showered Tanzanian Singer Diamond Platnumz with lots of praises after featuring him in her Album “ALICIA".

In a video seen by Pulse Live, Alicia described Chibu Dangote as an amazing artiste with a unique style, following the success of their collabo dubbed Wasted Energy.

“Wasted Energy is such a vibe…. I also love that Diamond Platnumz is part of this. An amazing Tanzanian artiste, who happened to be able to come in and bless this track with his unique style and I love how the worlds collide here. This is like world music collision at its finest” said Alicia Keys.

Earlier on, Ms Keys had revealed that she met Diamond through her Husband Swizz Beatz who happens to be a big fan of Chibu’s music.

In September, Swizz Beatz was forced to intervene after Diamond Platnumz fans expressed displeasure in Alicia Keys act of giving their superstar only 26-seconds feature in her Album dubbed ALICIA.

At that particular time, Beatz defended his wife (Alicia) saying it was Diamond’s wish to be allocated 26 seconds in the song Wasted Energy, but the two (Diamond and Alicia) still have other projects (Songs) that will be released soon.

I’m done with employment- Ebru TV's Diana Rachel quits

On Tuesday, Ebru TV news anchor Diana Rachel parted ways with the station, over what she termed as being tired of working in toxic environment. She noted that she is done with employment.

"I’m so done with being employed. I’m so done with being in an environment that is so toxic for me to even breath. I’m so done dealing with humans who feel like they have you, they are just controlling you in every move you make. You can’t even think for yourself; you’re treated like a school child and I’m almost 32 years. it’s time for me to fly and get out of my cocoon and spread my wings and fly, and I’m not gonna do that in employment,” said Diana Rachel.

She added “I Quit!!!

I quit, I quit I quit. Not on life though. I’m done with that chapter of employment. This may be a surprise to a majority because I may have looked like I am probably having my best life, don’t get me wrong, I have loved every bit of what I do, until I got to the point where I was just getting by the day and smiling for the cameras. Like I said in a previous post It can be painful. Transitioning into a new season. Tears shed. Outgrowing people. Shifting. Yet, there’s beauty in newness…”.

It didn’t last - Zari Hassan opens up on breaking up with KingBae

South Africa based Ugandan Socialite Zari Hassan has for the first time disclosed that she no longer an item with her much hyped KingBae.

In an interview with Wasafi TV, Ms Hassan revealed that things did not work out and they had to go separate ways.

“Nobody goes into a relationship thinking that I just wanna be in this relationship short term. You go there hoping it gonna work and grow together. Yes, KingBae was there he was such a chilled Guy but shit happens and it didn’t last na kila mtu akaenda zake but we still talk once in a while because he was attached to our lives," said Zari Hassan.

The mother of five went on to state that she is not looking forward to getting married again, as her biggest priority is to ensure her kids are brought up well and never lack anything.

I suffered 2 miscarriages before getting my son Zahari- Jacque Maribe

Media Personality Jacque Maribe has for the first time revealed that she suffered two miscarriages before welcoming her son Zahari.

In an interview, True Love Magazine, Maribe mentioned at that particular time she had a septate uterus that was triggering the miscarriages.

I had almost gotten a baby before but I got a miscarriage. It was tough at the time because it was so new to me. Then we tried again, suffered a second miscarriage and didn’t know what was going on and our doctor said we have to probe further and they discovered that I had septate uterus (A septate uterus, does significantly increase their risk of a miscarriage. Women with septate uteri can also go on to have recurrent miscarriages”.

Ms Maribe further stated that following the discovery, the doctor advised that she had to undergo surgery in order to rectify the problem, but she opted to pray about it and ask God to deal with the situation.

…I remember I panicked and said am not gonna do this, so it took while I can’t remember how many years and I remember every day I used to pray, and ask God what is too hard for you, I don’t have to have this surgery, that thing make it elastic, create space.

That was in 2013, I remember I got sick and I had gone to an assignment in South Africa, and my colleague told; are you pregnant? And I said stop it, because I know I can’t be, but when I got home I was seriously sick. I went to hospital and did a number of tests and the Doctors comes and say congratulations” said Maribe.

Maribe went on to say that her son is a pure miracle; “He is a miracle baby (He is called Zahari, which means God has remembered (I remember the first three people I shared the news with were my mother, my sister who was in Dubai and I wasn’t even sure if I should tell the baby daddy at the moment. Eventually the Baby came and I had that surgery and I was old now you can go and have many kids as you want”.

Asked on why her relationship with her baby daddy Eric Omondi ended, Maribe said that at that particular time they were not in a serious relationship.


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