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Radio queen Joyce Gituro recounts being carjacked by a fan in Nairobi

Joyce Gituro, a beloved media personality, recounts the night she was carjacked by a group of men—one of whom recognized her from the airwaves.

Renowned media personality Joyce Gituro

Renowned media personality Joyce Gituro has come forward with a chilling account of her encounter with a group of carjackers, being carjacked by a group of criminals, one of whom shockingly turned out to be a fan of hers.

The incident happened on an ordinary evening as Gituro was making her way back home, only to be stopped in her tracks at 9:00 p.m. by a menacing group of men.

As she approached her residence, she was suddenly accosted by a group of men who forcefully commandeered her vehicle.

With a chilling command, they instructed her to close her eyes and not witness the path they were about to take.


Fearful for her life, Gituro pleaded with her captors, offering them money and her car in exchange for her safety.

The criminals assured her of no harm if she cooperated.

She attempted to mentally map out the route they were taking, noting the vehicle's diversion off Ngong Road onto a murram road that she thought led to Ngong’ Forest.

In a desperate bid to secure her release, she managed to convince the carjackers to accept Sh18,000 from her purse.


The turning point came when one of the criminals while rummaging through her belongings, stumbled upon her job ID and recognized her. "Joyce, is that you?" he asked.

At the time, Joyce Gituro worked for Royal Media Services station Radio Citizen.

He jokingly suggested they had hit the jackpot and proposed blackmailing Royal Media Services boss S.K Macharia for a ransom.

Gituro, thinking on her feet, dissuaded them from the plan, fearing for her job.


After the thug recognised her, the conversation took a turn as the thug expressed admiration for Gituro's midmorning radio show, encouraging her to continue her prayers for Kenyans.

This brought a sense of relief to Gituro, as the thug's demeanour changed from being hostile. Joyce said that he started defending her against his accomplices' aggression.

The ordeal culminated in a gesture of unexpected kindness when the carjackers, upon releasing her to go back home, returned Sh500 of the Sh18,000 they had taken, advising her to use it for fuel and providing directions to the nearest highway.


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