South Africa based Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan is breathing fire to people trolling and making fun of his son Raphael Junior after he came out the closet as Gay.

In a video, Zari maintained that her son is not gay but opted for the gay tag as a defense mechanism against older women seducing and sending him nudes on Instagram.

An angry Ms Hassan went on to say that in an event that it turns out that her son is actually gay, she will support him fully. The mother of five added that Raphael has a girlfriend, and his statement was blow out of proportion.

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan

He is not Gay

“There been videos of my son trending where he came out to claim that he is gay. And it’s been blow out of proportion, and lets clear one thing. Raphael is not Gay, he is dating and he actually started dating since was like 14…he is not Gay, but for example if Raphael turned out to be Gay today, as his parent, him mom it’s something am gonna support him through, its my duty as a parent because that would be a choice that he has made, a life he has decided to live, to be gay but for now we gonna clear that air to say Raphael is not gay” said Zari Hassan.

The mother of five also lectured Tanzanians and netizens at large, telling them to keep off her son and stop dictating how she should live with her family.

Zari’s bitter rant comes hours after he son went in Instagram live to announce to the world that he was gay.

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Zari Hassan with her Kids
Zari Hassan with her Kids

Zari To Tanzanians

Ikitokea leo Raphael ni Gay wewe inakuongezea nini, has your bank account increased, has your life elevated… Kama ni Gay ni gaym kama sio Gay, sio Gay... it’s my duty as a parent to protect my kid.

…Its January some of you even don’t know what you will eat today but you are so quick to judge my Son… is the free bundles in Tanzania that is making you get on social media and attack, bully people. You can’t break me and until God says so, am living a better life that all of you who wake up every morning to insult me…you are Keyboard worriers.

Some of you can’t even be house girls in my house. It’s the cheap bundles that make you think you can bully people” posed Zari.