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Relationship commitment that turned sour for Lydia Wanjiru

So committed was Lydia that she even assisted the man's mum with finances every month

Content creator Lydia Wanjiru

Relationship content creator Lydia Wanjiru has shared the story of how she was used by her boyfriend, who turned out to be seeing other girls.

Lydia, who was living with the man, revealed that she used to perform the duties of a wife when she was just a girlfriend, something she says many girls should stop doing.

Speaking to Massawe Japani on Radio Jambo, Wanjiru revealed that the man she was dating was seeing two other women without her knowledge until it eventually came to light.

"Niligraduate na character development of the year from Nairobi men. Nlikua wife at girlfriend level najitolea najikakamua na bado nkaachwa mataani," Wanjiru said.


On the day she knew, the content creator revealed she had forgotten to turn off the kitchen tap, and when she came home from work, she found her house flooded.

Her then-man had told her she had travelled home to see her mother. She then called him to assist her in finding someone who could help her clean up the mess. His phone was not going through, which prompted her to call his mum.

"Pesa zake zilikua zinaenda kwa wanawake wengine, how I found out he was cheating was that every other weekend alikua ananiambia anatravel kumuona mamake, alikua na reasons akienda home kunionyesha alikua amecover bills," Lydia narrated.


To her alleged surprise, his mum had not seen her son for over three months, and all the times he had been saying he was at home, he was never there.

Her digging eventually unearthed the truth that her man was seeing two other women, whom he used to spend some weekends with at their place.

"Kumbe hizi weekend alikua anaenda kwa nyumba za wanawake wengine hii Nairobi tu, so siku moja nlikua namtafuta maana nlienda kazi nkaacha tap ya kitchen ikiwa on, so nkamkal anitumie number ya caretaker anisaidia kutafuta mtu tutoe iyo maji, lakini hakuwa on.


"Nkapigia mamake naye akaniambia kijana wake hakuwa nyumbani mara ya mwisho pale was almost three months ago. Hapo ndio nkafanya digging yangu nkajua he was seeing two other women," she narrated.

As for why he never brought the women to his place, Wanjiru said the man told the girls he was living with his younger sister, who was in college, making it inappropriate for them to visit.

Surprisingly, Wanjiru had already been introduced to her man's mum, which somehow convinced her she was the one.


So committed was Wanjiru that she even assisted with house finances, not just at home but also for her man's family.

Today, Wanjiru discourages women from doing wife duties when they are just girlfriends. She also learnt not to be fully committed until she officially got married saying the other stages of the relatiosnhip could take different turns.


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