Alai arrested after street fight with Ringtone [Video]

The two were involved in a road accident in Kilimani and a scuffle ensued.

Robert Alai and Ringtone Apoko were involved in a scuffle after a minor accident

Blogger Robert Alai was arrested on Friday afternoon, July 23 following a scuffle with musician Ringtone Apoko.

Alai has been accused of assaulting Ringtone with a wooden rungu during the scuffle in Kilimani.

According to a video that was posted online, the two could be seen engaging each other on the street after their cars got involved in a minor accident.

The Tenda Wema hitmaker blamed Alai for the accident from atop his Range Rover as people gathered to witness the drama.

Alai who was driving a Subaru Outback got out of his car carrying a rungu and scolding Ringtone.

Another video showing Ringtone with what appeared to be blood on his face emerged but the alleged assault was not captured.

Many Kenyans are finding the scuffle hard to believe after a series of staged dramatic events by the musician.

Popular blogger Abraham Mutai claimed that this was another of Apoko’s stunts and urged Alai to seek legal redress.

“Knowing Ringtone and his stupid stunts and how he was behaving eti amegongwa, he must prove beyond doubt that Alai alimgonga na rungu,” he suggested.

Ringtone recorded a statement at the Kilimani Police station and proceeded to the hospital to get his injuries treated


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