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Sandra Dacha's military boyfriend who dumped her because of a fridge

According to Sandra Dacha, the military man's departure was her most devastating heartbreak, leading her to lose faith in love; Now, she embraces the role of a side chick.

Kenyan actress Sandra Dacha

Kenyan actress Sandra Dacha has shed light on a past heartbreak that left a lasting impact on her perception of love and relationships.

In a revealing interview with Simmy Kenya TV on April 23, Dacha disclosed details about her tumultuous romantic history, offering insights into her struggles and growth.

For the first time publicly, Sandra Dacha disclosed the name of her ex-boyfriend, known as Dave, who abruptly ended their relationship years ago.


The surprising reason? Dave allegedly left her after she purchased a larger refrigerator than his, an act he found emasculating.

Dacha expressed profound hurt and disbelief over Dave's decision, recalling it as one of her lowest moments.

Despite her deep affection for him, Dave's departure shattered her confidence and left her questioning why he left.

"I used to have a boyfriend. I used to stay in Donhom at that time. he was a soldier. You know he left me for buying a bigger fridge. Alienda mission akarudi akpata nyumba imejaa vitu mpya hapa n apale akashindwa huyu msichana ametoa pesa wapi.


"I came to learn that men feel intimidated. In his house vitu hazikuwa kama zangu so he left me. That was my lowest by the way. I felt so bad, Dave wherever you are. I have never revealed his name by the way until now," she said.

Reflecting on the aftermath of the breakup, Dacha acknowledged the emotional turmoil she endured but emphasized her resilience in overcoming adversity.

While the pain of heartbreak lingered, she vowed never to shed tears over a man again, asserting her newfound strength and independence.


"Bado ako jeshi lakini I don't talk to him. Why the hell would he leave me because I bought a big fridge? Nilimpenda. I cried and cried. But since then I have never cried for a man. Nimeshalia ya kutosha. Men should be proud when their women are making it... You have a flower," she said.

Despite her disillusionment with romantic love, Dacha affirmed her capacity for caring and empathising with others, even if her belief in love itself had waned.

Dacha acknowledged her ability to express care and affection, even in the absence of romantic sentiments.

"Right now I dont believe in love, but I care. I don't think there's love... Love ni kwa mama na mtoto," she said.


Sandra Dacha hinted at her current relationship dynamics, suggesting that she may occupy the role of the side chick.

Despite the societal stigma attached to such a position, Dacha acknowledged the perceived benefits that side chicks enjoy in relationships.

From extravagant vacations to exclusive perks, she highlighted the often overlooked advantages of being the unconventional partner.

"Mimi I think I am the side chick. Wanaskianga raha by the way... Sidechicks ndio wa kuenda nao everywhere kama vacations mingi," she said.


Reports suggest that Sandra is in a relationship with comedian Akuku Danger.


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