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Amber Ray shares heartfelt words of wisdom for unborn daughter

Amber Ray has shared an emotional message with her unborn daughter

Amber Ray

Kenyan socialite Amber Ray has recently shared an emotional message to her unborn daughter, just days after hosting a lavish gender reveal party with her fiancé, Kenny Rapudo.

In a heartfelt Instagram post on March 14, Amber describes the stages of life that the baby can expect beautifully while expressing her hope to be a good mother who will be remembered for the rest of the child's life.


She begins the message by questioning whether there is life after birth and then reminds us that, as human beings, we have forgotten our intuitive powers to communicate with the world around us.

"Is there life after birth my love, I may not be able to answer in words you understand right now, but it is a reminder that as human beings we have forgotten our intuitional powers to communicate with the world around us. I know you know this, but I want to put it here as a reminder for me," Amber wrote

Amber then goes on to describe the new life that her child can expect after birth, one that is filled with more light, where she will learn to cry and laugh, and where emotions will create her thoughts.


She ends the message with the hope that her child will always feel her presence in her life, just as she feels the child inside her.

"There is life after the one you have now! In this new life, there will be more light than you have there, you will eat with your mouth and walk with your legs, you will learn to cry and you will learn to laugh.

"Your emotions will create your thoughts and your heart will show you the way. As I feel you in me today, may you feel me in you all your life," She wrote.

Amber and Kenny Rapudo's gender reveal party was held at Qaribu Inn Hotel and was nothing short of an elegant affair.


The couple made a grand entrance, arriving in a chopper at the venue. To top it off, Rapudo showered his love with bundles of money, making her dance joyfully.

Amber has been a popular figure on social media and has amassed a significant following due to her glamorous lifestyle.

Her followers have been eagerly waiting for news of her pregnancy, and now that it's official, they can't wait to see the beautiful bundle of joy that she will bring into the world.


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