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The glitz & glamour of Amber Ray's gender reveal celebration [Videos]

Congratulations, Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo!

Amber Ray's gender revel party

Kenyan socialite and businesswoman Faith Makau, popularly known as Amber Ray, and her partner Kennedy Rapudo have yet again pulled out all the stops to announce the gender of their unborn child.

On Saturday 11, Amber Ray went public about spending thousands of shillings on a billboard to announce her gender reveal party.

With apparent excitement, Amber posted a photo of the billboard showcasing her perfectly mounted image for all to see.

"Wadau, Niko kwa billboard na siombi kura," Amber captioned the post.


As if the billboard was not enough, the queen of soft life made a grand entrance at her gender reveal party via a chopper ride.

The socialite shared videos of her chopper rides on her Instagram stories before landing at the exquisite venue of the party.


"Baby's first chopper ride," She captioned the video.

Amber and Rapudo's anxiety was evident as they awaited news about the gender of their baby.

However, Rapudo's lavish display of appreciation towards Amber, when he showered her with thousands of shillings, was the party's highlight for her.


As he tossed several one thousand notes at her, Amber could be seen dancing ecstatically, thrilled by his posh display of affection.

"I say it’s ok to be extra. I say it’s ok to be extravagant, I say it’s ok to be with a man who knows what he wants in life for that becomes your way too," She wrote

The celebrity couple had been teasing her fans online with posts regarding her upcoming party.


She invited close celebrity friends to the event, and videos shared online showed them arriving at the party with smiles.

Before Amber surprised her fans and guests with the billboard and chopper ride, she had warned critics and haters to brace themselves for what was to come regarding her gender reveal party.

Taking to her Instagram stories, the expectant mother of one in excitement expressed how blessed she was and advised haters to look for jealousy pills.


"Polite reminder, msisahu kumeza dawa za pressure mapema leo.

(Polite reminder, don't forget to take pressure pills today," she wrote.

Amber Ray is one of the most famous socialites in Kenya. She is known for her extravagant lifestyle and has a substantial following on social media.


Her gender reveal party has generated much interest and excitement among her fans and followers.

The chopper ride and the billboard have only added to the event hype. Fans are still waiting eagerly to know the gender of the baby.


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