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Ben Pol eats humble pie after being exposed by Anerlisa Muigai, issues statement

Anerlisa recently called out Ben Pol over what she termed as taking advantage of her silence

Tanzanian singer Ben Pol

Tanzanian singer Ben Pol has issued an apology following a series of interviews where he blamed Anerlisa Muigai for their broken marriage.

Ben Pol in a statement he released on his social media said his intention was not to hurt the business woman but rather share the experience of their marriage which he said he took full responsibility for.

“I want to apologize for the things I said about my marriage during my series of interviews, My intention was never to hurt but to share my experience of the marriage, an experience I take full responsibility for. I also wanted to articulate how it affected my mental health,” Ben Pol wrote.

The 'Moyo Mashine' singer said he will be cautious going forward when talking about his marriage experience.


“I recognize that my words were hurtful to my ex-wife and I apologize to her and to the public.

“While I do want to continue to talk about mental health and speak about my experiences, I will strive to do so in a way that is more mindful and more constructive,” Ben Pol said.


In a bid to clear her name, Anerlisa released the screenshot of the messages which were sent between December 25 and January 4

The screenshots believed to be messages from the singer depict Ben Pol pouring his heart out to Anerlisa, over Christmas admitting that she was in her thoughts over Christmas and the changes that have come with her exit in his life.

The first message in the series of messages sent in quick succession read: “I tried to decorate our Christmas tree, was thinking of you.”


A minute later, yet another followed which read: “Christmases are not the same” before yet another one that alluded to their marriage.

"I want to let you know that I was never with you because of money, in fact during our relationship, it was the time that I was making the least money in my whole 12+ years career, but I was okay and I never complained about it…I loved the space and the idea that we were going to grow together.” Read more messages.

Trouble began when Ben Pol admitted in a recent interview in which he opened up on their failed marriage, admitted that he never enjoyed being married to Anerlisa.

Anerlisa on her Instagram page said the Tanzanian singer has constantly used interviews to paint her in bad light which was different from what he sent her in texts.


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