Terence Creative targeted by fraudster in Sh1 million con game [Screenshots]

Terence and his family were supposed to get over Sh1 million from the fake TV advert deal.

Terence Creative lands ambassadorial deal with Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS)

Terence Creative and Milly Chebby have exposed an elaborate con scheme after being the target of a serial fraudster.

In a video posted on Instagram, the couple said that the con artist said that Terence’s family had been selected for an advert for a leading financial services provider.

“The full cast is dad, mum and two kids and one girl to act as graduand. It is a TVC for six months in Kenya only. My budget is Sh450,000 for yShou as the dad as the main cast, the Sh250,000 for mum and Sh150,000 for each kid and the girl,” read the text from the agent who identified himself as Fred.

He then asked the influencer to send six photos of each of the cast members for approval by the advert team.

After a while Fred responded that the photos were not up to standard and urged Terence to visit a photo studio to redo them, recommending one at ABC Plaza in Westlands.

The catch was that the influencer was expected to cover the cost of the photoshoot with the hopes of landing the lucrative deal which was fake.

The comedian was onto Fred and asked him to pay for the shoot instead and Terence would pay back after getting paid.

Terence disclosed that this was the second time the fraudster was playing a trick on him, which is why it was easy to discover the con scheme.

“You said you are coming to our offices...then? Helping you is just a problem added. Bye,” Fred texted in protest.

“Sawa boss wacha ikae, patia mtu mwingine, why should I pay for studio plus hauna official email,” the influencer replied.

The couple said that other influencers had also been targeted by the same person, promising a hefty payday.

Another favourite con game fraudsters use is calling models for photoshoots which they pay for expecting to land lucrative jobs.

“Ile ukora iko hapo ni uende studio upigwe picha halafu ushinde ukiambiwa ngojea client approve na hakuna kazi utawai pata,” Terence cautioned.


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