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Thee Pluto finally goes to church, here is why

Thee Pluto attended a church service despite proclaiming that he is a Muslim

YouTuber Thee Pluto

Content creator and YouTuber, Thee Pluto, attended church on March 12, alongside his girlfriend Felicity Shiru, years after switching from Christianity to Islam.

Pluto attended his first service in years at Jesus Compassion Ministry (JCM), and Pastor Ben Kiengei only noticed his presence in the crowd when the cameras zoomed in on the content creator.

Kiengei, after noticing Thee Pluto in the crowd, admitted that he knew the YouTuber since he was a child, when he used to sing Kikuyu gospel songs.


He added that Pluto was committed to spreading the word of God when he was young, and that there were crusade sessions they attended together.

He even revealed that Thee Pluto used to sell his own compact disks after school just to spread the word of God.

Kiengei, however, said that he lost contact with Pluto along the way but God was still with him since the YouTuber has built his own brand and achieved a lot.


During the service, Thee Pluto was given an opportunity to sing for the audience and before entertaining the congregation, he revealed that his girlfriend Felicity had been pushing him to attend a church service with her.

However, since he is a Muslim, that was almost impossible. He noticed a certain church one day and approached his girlfriend, telling her about the house of God that he had seen and expressing his desire to attend a service with her one day.

He also added that he doesn't know a lot about Christianity currently but his girlfriend does.

Pluto revealed that he hasn't made up his mind about switching back to Christianity since it is something that he will give thought to.


The YouTuber has always thought of going to church with his girlfriend and he added that he could still make that happen.

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