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Baba T clarifies truth about how Chira died, a month after his burial

Kenyan TikToker Faustine, popularly known as Baba Talisha, has found himself embroiled in controversy following allegations linking him to the death of Brian Chira.

Content Creator Baba Talisha and his daughter Talisha

Kenyan TikToker and single father Faustine, popularly known as Baba Talisha, has found himself embroiled in controversy following allegations linking him to the death of Brian Chira.

Chira, a friend of Baba Talisha, tragically passed away, prompting Baba Talisha to spearhead fundraising efforts to cover the funeral expenses, amounting to over Sh8 million.

However, amidst his efforts to support Chira's family during their time of need, Baba Talisha has been confronted with accusations of involvement in Chira's demise.


In an undated live TikTok video circulating on social media, Baba Talisha vehemently refuted the accusations leveled against him, warning his fellow TikTokers not to tarnish his reputation unjustly.

He expressed frustration at the baseless allegations circulating about him, including claims of murder and involvement in occult practices.

Baba Talisha emphasised that he had no motive or reason to harm Chira, questioning why he would seek to harm a friend.

"Mimi siongeangi hata by the way. Am just minding my business and still shooting content. And even when am doing this bado wanatuma watu waje kuniambia mimi ni mwizi. Ati sijui niliua, ati niko iluminati nasacrifice watu. Brian Chira nimuue nipate nini? Sometimes when you're too quiet a lot happens. Don't mess with my name.


"Staki ifike place muanze kusema vile mulikuwa munasema story ya Chira na Azziad. Staki hizo story tena. Hii familia nilisaidia na they didn't even give me hata one shilling. Shosho hata hakuwa anajua tungeeza kusanya Sh8.2 million. I did what I did because I wanted to help this family," he said.

Addressing his silence on the matter, Baba Talisha stressed that his lack of public response did not indicate guilt but rather a desire to focus on his affairs.

However, the persistence of the accusations forced him to speak out and defend his name against the damaging rumors.


He urged those spreading falsehoods to desist from tarnishing his reputation, warning that he would not tolerate further defamation.

"Umekuja huku TikTok you want to drive relevance with my name. Acha tuone kwenye mtafika. I don't have to keep quiet when someone is trying to tarnish my name. Mimi sikuwa pale Brian Chira akigongwa. I was in Longonot," he said.

Challenging his detractors to provide evidence of their claims, Baba Talisha urged them to report any suspicions or evidence to the police for investigation.


"Endeni police station wako na kila kitu. All the information na kama if you think kuna mtu alimuua enda useme uko kwa polisi," he said.

Furthermore, he condemned the dissemination of false information on social media platforms, cautioning against the dangers of baseless accusations and character assassination.


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