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TikToker sheds tears on camera after reportedly being denied food at Chira's burial

Supporters rallied together and raised over Sh8 million to ensure a dignified farewell for the late Brian Chira

TikToker Cindy Baibe

Amidst emotional tributes and farewells, TikTok sensation Brian Chira was laid to rest in Ingitei village, Githunguri, Kiambu County on March 26, 2024.

The solemn ceremony saw the gathering of fans, family, and friends who came to pay their final respects to the beloved content creator.

Prior to the burial, mourners gathered at the Kenyatta University mortuary to view Chira's body.


Thousands then proceeded to Kiambu County for the burial ceremony, which was attended by numerous content creators.

The somber occasion also saw the presence of notable personalities, including musician Otile Brown, who performed a rendition of his popular hit song, 'One Call,' alongside politician Peter Salasya and artist Justina Syokau.

In a show of immense support and love for Chira, his fans, known as the 'Chira Clan,' rallied together and raised over Sh8 million to ensure a dignified farewell and honour his memory.


However, just a day after the burial, controversy emerged following a viral video featuring TikToker Cindy Baibe.

In the video, Cindy expressed her grievances about the treatment she received during the burial ceremony, particularly concerning the lack of food provided to attendees.

In the emotional clip, Cindy tearfully recounted her experience of being denied food at the burial site, despite the expectation of being catered to.


She expressed frustration over the dismissive response she received when inquiring about the availability of food, stating that she was only offered water.

"Niko na njaa wacha tu, nimepewa tu maji ya Chira. Hakuna food," lamented Cindy in the video. "Nimemwambia basi nionyeshe tent nataka kupanga line. Akaniambia sasa unataka kupanga line nwa watu? Si uende ukunywe soda na maandazi. Sitoki hapa. Mninbuyies food hata sijakula. Ninyimwe food i sawa tu Chakula yenye mtu ataenda atoe," she said.


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