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Tom Daktari delivers full house at his 1st international comedy show [Video]

Fresh off his TikTok Influencer of the Year win at the Pulse Influencer Awards 2023, Tom Daktari draws a crowd with a successful show in an international venue.

Comedian Tom Daktari

Kenyan comedy sensation Tom Daktari, known for his hilarious TikTok videos continues to impress his fans.

In a recent Instagram post, Tom shared his success in Tanzania, where he held a triumphant comedy show.

His journey in the world of comedy and marketing has been nothing short of extraordinary.


In the realm of social media, particularly TikTok, Tom Daktari has carved out a niche for himself with his side-splitting videos.

Recently, his comedic prowess earned him the title of TikTok Influencer of the Year at the Pulse Influencer Awards.

Tom's journey in the world of comedy has seen yet another triumph, and this time, it took him across borders to Tanzania.


In an Instagram video on Sunday, the humorous content creator and comedian expressed his gratitude for a successful comedy show in Tanzania.

The footage captures Tom in his element, making a delighted audience burst into laughter.

"Here to thank God Again. My first international comedy performance was huge. Asanteni Watanzania for the love and the sold-out show. Asante the whole amazing team," he wrote.


Tom Daktari's rise to fame has been nothing short of meteoric. His comedic style, often presented in his native Kamba accent, is a refreshing departure from conventional comedy.

Tom's wit and relatable humor have made him a fan favorite, and it's not just his audience that appreciates him. His simplistic approach and humorous marketing have also made him a sought-after figure for various campaigns.

In a relatively short period, Tom has seen his fan base grow substantially. His loyal supporters not only enjoy his content but also respect his authenticity.


He has successfully monetised some of his creations as Skiza tunes, demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit and creative prowess. Furthermore, he offers unique sounds for corporate clients at a fee.

Tom Daktari is more than just a solo act. He is one of the pioneers behind the 'Wamusyi' Show, which primarily features Kamba comedians.

This platform has provided a stage for his fellow comedians to showcase their talents and connect with a wider audience.


While the Wamusyi Show predominantly highlights Kamba comedians, Tom also welcomes guest thespians from various backgrounds.

The show aims to promote unity, diversity, and collaboration in the comedy scene. His approach has not only enriched the Kenyan comedy landscape but has also been instrumental in celebrating different cultures and humor styles.

Tom Daktari's journey in the world of comedy and content creation is far from over. His rising popularity and undeniable talent have positioned him as a notable influencer in the digital realm.


He continues to create entertaining and engaging content that resonates with his ever-growing fan base.


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