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#UhondoMtaani: Bernice reveals ties with Samidoh, Cebbie Koks clears divorce rumours & other stories

Bernice shares truth about divorce from hubby and her ties with Samidoh, Cebbie Koks clears divorce rumours & other top stories of the week on #PulseUhondoMtaani

#PulseUhondoMtaani: Janet Mbugua, Samidoh, Cebbie Koks and Bernice Saroni

US-based Kenyan music promoter, Bernice Saroni, a close friend of Edday Nderitu, recently opened up about her relationship with Samidoh and addressed rumors regarding her involvement in the alleged separation between Samidoh and his wife.

Bernice began by sharing her journey to the U.S., explaining that she moved to the country in November 2018 with her four children after experiencing marital difficulties with her husband.

She emphasised that her husband supported her decision, as it was deemed in the best interest of their children.


The separation affected her children, who were accustomed to seeing their parents together. It was a significant adjustment for them.

Addressing rumors about her romantic involvement with Samidoh, Bernice firmly stated that they are family and not romantically linked.

She stressed her aversion to dating married men and maintained that it is taboo for her to date family members, including Samidoh.

Bernice also expressed her belief that people too readily assume romantic involvement when they see a man and a woman together.


Radio Citizen presenter Jerida Andayi is winning hearts and gaining popularity thanks to the delightful content she creates with her family.

A mother of four, Jerida, along with her daughters Neema and Norah, is captivating the online world with their spontaneous and charming videos.

Neema, in particular, has become a sensation, thanks to her charisma and unfiltered honesty. Recently, her candour got her into a little 'trouble' with her mom when she was asked about her favourite parent.


Neema didn't hesitate to express her preference, "My favourite parent is dad because mom gets angry at me a lot and talks to me badly," Neema confessed to her sister Norah after a church service.

Despite Norah's attempts to defend her mom, Neema stood by her choice. Jerida Andayi, though perhaps disappointed, didn't hide her reaction.

It was a moment of pure honesty that stirred laughter and understanding among netizens.

Cebbie Koks and Steve Ogolla have been at the center of divorce rumours, but recent gestures of love and unity indicate their marriage is far from over.


As their first wedding anniversary approaches, the couple seems stronger and more in love than ever.

On October 22, Cebbie, the younger sister to singer Akothee, took to social media to celebrate her husband's birthday. Her heartfelt message expressed love, joy, and blessings for Steve Ogolla, dispelling the divorce rumors.

"On this special day, I extend my heartfelt wishes for you to experience joy, Peace, and success in all that you do. May this new year of your life be filled with countless blessings and opportunities for growth," she wrote.

Steve responded with appreciation, addressing her as Jewel, showcasing their affection for each other.


"Thank you, Jewel. More grace and blessings to you," Steve responded.

Fans also joined in to wish the lawyer a happy birthday, further solidifying their support for the couple

Media personality Janet Mbugua and tech entrepreneur Eddie Ndichu recently shared a heartwarming family moment as they celebrated their firstborn child, Huru, turning eight.


To mark Huru's eighth birthday, Janet Mbugua and Eddie Ndichu decided to treat their son to a memorable dinner at an upscale restaurant.

The parents were not alone in their celebration; they were accompanied by their youngest son, Mali, as they all shared a special family moment.

As they gathered around the table, the family wore beaming smiles and engaged in lively conversation.

While Huru played with a toy, the restaurant's staff pleasantly surprised the young birthday celebrant with a slice of cake.


Janet Mbugua took to social media to share their family celebration and express her emotions on the occasion.

She posted a video of her, Eddie, and their children walking into the restaurant together. Her message.

Principal Paul Weloba of Friends School Kamusinga recently showcased how good his dance moves are capturing the hearts of netizens during a school event.


In a video that circulated on social media, Weloba enthusiastically joined the students on stage, swaying to the beats of the popular Gengetone track 'Miondoko.'

Donned in the school's uniform—a crisp white short-sleeved shirt adorned with the institution's emblem, paired with smart black trousers and a tie—the principal effortlessly transitioned through various dance routines, displaying his remarkable camaraderie with the students.

Expressing their awe at the principal's swift integration into the school community, given his recent arrival at the institution in January, online users highlighted the importance of such interactions in alleviating the academic stress faced by the Form Four students


On October 23, Kenyan television enthusiasts were treated to the exciting premiere of 'Zari,' a captivating Telenovela series on Maisha Magic Plus.

This premiere closely followed the debut of another highly anticipated Telenovela, 'Kasiri,' on the same channel.

These engaging series are the creative brainchildren of the accomplished media personalities and esteemed Kiswahili news anchors at Citizen TV, Lulu Hassan, and Rashid Abdalla.

Despite their impressive success as producers, Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla continue to hold their positions as news anchors at Citizen TV.


This raises the question of why they choose to remain employed in journalism when they have successfully created numerous job opportunities for actors and crew members across East Africa.

Lulu Hassan, who has dedicated over five years of her career to Citizen TV, provided some insight into this dual role during the premiere of 'Zari,' a show featuring popular actors Sarah Hassan and Brenda Wairimu in lead roles.

She emphasised that it's not as simple as choosing between their roles in news and production. For Lulu and Rashid, both avenues are essential aspects of their careers.


In a recent social media exchange, popular Luo Benga singer Prince Indah made a suggestion to his friend Samidoh.

He proposed that the sensational Mugithi singer should be considered among the 1,000 police officers slated for deployment to the troubled Caribbean nation of Haiti.

The suggestion quickly gained attention as fans chimed in and gave their opinions.

In his Facebook post on October 24, Prince Indah shared a picture of Samidoh in full police uniform and playfully questioned whether the singer should join Kenya's mission to assist Haiti.


"Ama Samidoh aende tu Haiti?" Indah quetsioned.

Samidoh's response to this lighthearted proposition added to the humor. He threw in a witty response suggesting that they cannot bring Haiti.

"Hawawezi leta Haiti?" he responded.


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