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How Makokha rose from Maringo estate street kid to producer & comedian paid in dollars

Alfonse Makwacha Makokha: 'Vioja Mahakamani' star's journey from Maringo estate street Kid to music producer & multilingual comedy legend paid in dollars.

Kenyan comedian Alfonse Makacha dot Makokha

Mathias Keya, famously known as Alfonse Makacha Makokha, has shared his remarkable journey from being a street boy in Maringo estate to a celebrated comedian across Kenya and beyond.

Makokha, who gained prominence through the local comedy show Vioja Mahakamani, has embarked on a new journey, appearing in several local TV shows, including the Kiswahili comedy show, Daktari, aired on KTN, as well as a collaborative comedy YouTube series with fellow actor Ondiek Nyuka Kuota.

Born in Kakamega, Makokha's family relocated to Maringo during a period of conflict between the Sumbiji and Teso communities.


In a conversation with Phil Director on February 25, Makokha revealed that his journey into comedy began at a young age, participating in school dramas despite struggling academically as a slow learner.

"Hii shughuli nilianza nikiwa mtoi sana, nikiwa class three, four hapo. Zilikuwa drama za shule na pande hiyo nilikuwa mnona sana. Shule kusema ukweli sikuwa poa sana. Lakini i was a slow learner," he said.

Makokha credits his father for instilling a love for languages and comedy, learning from his comedic flair and ability to speak over 160 languages, including Indian and Korean.

"Hii kipaji pia buda yangu alichangia. Alikuwa anabonga languages mob sana, around 160. Alafu alaikuwa anaweka comedy ndani ana I learned from him. I can speak almost all languages. Even Indian and Korean," he said.


Despite financial hardships at home, Makokha persevered, picking metals in the streets to support his education.

Makokha's talent and hard work eventually caught the attention of the entertainment industry.

His first breakthrough came with performances at Safari Park, showcasing his drumming skills and captivating audiences.


His passion for music even led to international opportunities, traveling to countries like Korea, Spain, Canada, the U.K., and Egypt, earning in dollars along the way.

"First show ile nilipwa ilikuwa Safari park. Wakati hiyo tulikuwa tunacheza drums. Pande hiyo pia mi ni mkali. Nilianza Jericho cultural dancrs ndio nikachukuliwa na safri Park. Job yangu ya kwanza hadi nikaingia ndege. You can imagine chokosh anapanda ndege.

"Nimetravel Korea, Spain, Canada, the UK na Egypt because of my music. Nililipwa na dollars. My first show also came when I was still working in Safari Park," he said.


His journey to television stardom began when he caught the eye of renowned actors Lucy and Ondiek during a performance at Safari Park.

This led to a role in the popular comedy show 'Vioja Mahakamani,' skipping auditions altogether due to his natural talent and charisma.

"One time Mzee Ojwang came to Safari Park to our staff party. Then we performed and Lucy and Ondiek saw that I had talent and considered me for a role. That's how I got on TV on Vioja Mahakamai. I din't even go for auditions, " he said.

Reflecting on his journey, Makokha emphasied the importance of discipline, consistency, and adaptability in the industry.


According to him, upcoming creatives must appreciate the value of learning from others and maintaining a strong work ethic fueled by passion and respect.

Makokha urged them to trust God's guidance and remain dedicated to their craft amidst challenges.

Throughout his career, Makokha has collaborated with various corporations, emceed numerous events, and entertained audiences in front of distinguished personalities.


His versatility and dedication have cemented his status as a respected figure in the entertainment industry.

In addition to his comedy performances and musical endeavors, Makokha is a talented music producer who owns a studio. Within this space, he has worked with renowned artists like Lady B, Jaguar, and Prezzo.


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