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Larry Madowo shares surprise encounter with KDF soldiers at Mt Kenya peak [Video]

Watch Larry Madowo's unexpected encounter with KDF soldiers at Mt Kenya

Watch Larry Madowo's unexpected encounter with KDF soldiers at Mt Kenya

Larry Madowo has celebrated his 5-day trek to the summit of Mt Kenya, where he had a chance encounter with some KDF officers

Madowo, an avid explorer and an icon in the world of journalism, often seizes opportunities to immerse himself in different cultures and experiences.

His passion for travel has seen him cover stories across continents, bringing diverse perspectives to a global audience through his role at CNN.

During one of his recent adventures, as he scaled the breathtaking heights of Mt. Kenya, Madowo unexpectedly ran into a group of soldiers from the Kenya Navy who were also engaged in their mission to climb the mountain.


The KDF officers, on recognizing Larry Madowo, were overjoyed to see him in person.

They wasted no time in expressing their admiration and pride for his remarkable achievements in the field of journalism.

The officers were keen to capture the moment and scrambled to take memorable photos with Madowo, cherishing the impromptu encounter.

Their interactions were filled with warmth and mutual appreciation. The officers commended Madowo for his dedication, hard work, and the positive representation he brings to Kenya through his journalistic endeavours on the global stage.


Mount Kenya is an extinct stratovolcano located in central Kenya, just north of the equator. It is the second-highest peak in Africa after Kilimanjaro and the highest mountain in Kenya. Here are some interesting facts about Mount Kenya:

  • Mount Kenya is an extinct volcano that originally rose over 3 million years ago and last erupted an estimated 2.6 million years ago.
  • The mountain was formed by two extended glacial periods, and research indicates that the lowest elevation reached by the glaciers was 10,800ft (3300m)
  • Mount Kenya National Park was formed in 1949 and became a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1978 before finally being named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.
  • The mountain has three main peaks: Batian, Nelion, and Lenana, which are named after Masai Chiefs.
  • The summit of Batian was first summited on September 13, 1899, by Sir Halford John Mackinder with Cesar Ollier and Josef Brocherel after three failed attempts in the same year.
  • Mount Kenya is part of Mount Kenya National Park, which encompasses 276 square miles (444 sq. km) and is home to a variety of large animals, including elephants, buffalos, black rhinoceroses, and leopards.
  • The mountain supports a succession of distinctive, elevation-based vegetation zones, including grassland, dense forest, bare rock, glaciers, and other regions of ice and snow.
  • Mount Kenya is a popular destination for hikers and climbers, with several tour providers facilitating trips to and through the region. 

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