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She cannot afford it, hajui value ya media - Trevor on why Mungai Eve wanted to buy him

Director Trevor's response to Mungai Eve's alleged offer to buy him out of their brand

Eve Mungai and boyfriend Director Trevor

The split between the popular YouTube duo Mungai Eve and Director Trevor has been making waves in the online media space.

While Trevor has been forthcoming about their relationship struggles, Eve has chosen to remain silent and continue her business endeavors as usual.

During an interview on the Iko Nini podcast, Trevor disclosed that he and Eve parted ways in 2023, long before the news became public knowledge. He mentioned that even their parents were aware of their separation.


"We didn't break up yesterday. Our parents knew. We sat down with Eve's parents and told them we weren't together anymore but we were still working together. It was okay, and we agreed on how we would run the business," Trevor explained.

When asked about the decision to part ways in business, Trevor clarified that it wasn't initiated by him.

He revealed that they had a 50/50 business agreement, but Eve began to feel that she was the face of the brand and deserved more control.


"Hiyo haikam from my side. We had a 50/50 business agreement. But ilifika point Eve alifeel she was the image of the brand so she wanted more.

"Most of the money we made in 2023 came from Instagram. Eve felt she controlled the money flow, so she wanted to decide how much she would give me. But I felt she forgot that this brand was built by both of us, not just Instagram," Trevor elaborated.

Trevor mentioned that Eve eventually expressed a desire to buy him out of the brand. However, Trevor expressed skepticism about her ability to afford such an endeavor, considering the significant revenue the brand generated.


"Ilifika point sasa Eve wanted to buy me out of the brand...I wouldn't even entertain her offer because I know she cannot afford it. How much would you be willing to pay me for a brand that pays me approximately 2 million a month?" Trevor questioned.

Trevor also criticized Eve's understanding of the value of online media. He recounted an incident where Eve's friend suggested that he was replaceable, highlighting Eve's lack of appreciation for the work he had put into building the brand.

"One thing sikuwa napenda pia ni mtu hajui value ya media anasema anataka kunibuy. if you know the value you would not even bring up such a question.

"How do you just find a new director? What about the person who has been building this brand? That's why I say she lacks knowledge of what online media is and what this brand is," Trevor remarked.


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