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Willy Pozee asks for Sh123 million to star in reality show

Willy Paul disclosed that he had to turn down a reality show deal because it seemed overrated.

Willy Paul, he recently acquired a new car

Willy Paul aka Willy Pozee has once again shocked netizens with a statement revealing he would only participate in a reality show if he is paid a whopping $1 million (Sh123.55 million)

In a post on his Instagram stories, Pozee disclosed that he had to turn down a reality show deal because it seemed overrated.

"It's 2023. 1 had to turn down a reality show that's overrated man! Anyway, I'm not a reality show type of person. I got what we call real talent as far as music is concerned. So I don't need such things and if I must be part of such then pay me $1 million…for now, please go with the affordable brands not me please and I mean this in a good way," Willy Paul wrote.


The Sitolia hitmaker went ahead to note that he would not be competing with any musician this New Year but himself.

"I know they're all waiting for me to drop a song ndio wote wakimbie kutoa. Let me make this clear, it's a new year and I'm not competing with anyone but me," he added.

Willy Paul has assured his fans that he is the king and will be rocking the industry for the next 15 years.

"It's about time, what type of song should I release? Who do you wanna see on a Pozze feature? I got you covered for the next 15 years fam," Pozee wrote on his IG account.

The musician has in the recent past decried that Kenyans do not see nor support his wins and successes in music and other businesses, but are the first to share opinions when he has a scandal.


The singer, through a rate card shared recently, revealed that his brand is not cheap. You will part with Sh30 million to have Pozee endorse your brand.

Meanwhile, Willy Paul charges as high as Sh1.5 million for outdoor bookings and Sh300,000 for club appearances where he’ll not perform. If the club is within Nairobi, the amount goes up to 600,000 shillings.

On November 25, 2022, Willy Pozee dropped a banger You, featuring Guchi from Nigeria. Pozee dubbed the song as the biggest hit in the continent just before and after its release.


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