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Lanes! Felicity Shiru rains cash on Thee Pluto for 24th birthday

According to Felicity Shiru, showering Thee Pluto with cash on his birthday is just a small gesture

Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru

YouTuber Felicity Shiru embraced an extravagant gesture to celebrate her boyfriend and father of her child, Thee Pluto, on his 24th birthday.

In a heartwarming video shared on August 30, Felicity surprised Thee Pluto at his office with a unique birthday treat that left him beaming with joy.

Felicity began the video by announcing her plans for the day. She revealed her intention to start with a visit to the mall for a birthday cake and a few drinks, and then proceed to her boyfriend's office.


Moments later, Felicity, accompanied by a group of other guys, entered Thee Pluto's office, and she joyfully shouted 'Happy birthday, babe!'

Felicity and the other guys present in the room joined in a rendition of the traditional happy birthday song before cutting the birthday cake.


Felicity took a moment to express her heartfelt wishes for Thee Pluto's future, promising to stand by his side throughout life's journey.

However, the highlight of the day was yet to come. As Felicity playfully recounted, the original gift she had prepared had not arrived on time so she opted for an unconventional but meaningful gift – a bundle of cash.

Admitting she hadn't counted the exact number of notes in her possession, Felicity presented Thee Pluto with the money, describing it as a small but significant token for his special day.


"I had something else for you, but things didn't go as planned. So, I decided to give you something you can buy whatever you need with. Just a small gesture," she said.

In a touching moment captured on camera, one of Thee Pluto's co-workers took the cash and playfully showered it over him, eliciting laughter and appreciation from the birthday boy.

Thee Pluto took a moment to express her love and gratitude, reminding viewers of the power of relationships.


"I just want to say thank you. I love you so much. If you're not in any relationship, this is what relationships can do,"

Felicity Shiru and Thee Pluto have been dating for over two years and have a daughter together.


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