Business Woman Zari Hassan has expressed discontentment in an interview done by Diamond’s step brother and Manager Ricardo Momo regarding on how the two (Diamond and Zari) met and fell in love a few years ago.

In a post seen by Pulse Live, Ms Hassan opted to lecture Momo over what she termed as clout chasing using her name, yet he is not fully aware of what transpired when she hooked up with his Boss for the first time.

In the interview, Ricardo Momo had alleged that Ms Hassan was the first one to hit on Diamond, as she kept on calling his phone demanding to see him.

Ricardo Momo and Diamond Platnumz
Ricardo Momo and Diamond Platnumz

Zari hits Back

However, in a quick rejoinder, the mother of five opted to discredit Momo, while flipping the script her baby daddy saying he was the one who kept disturbing her phone after they met on a plane.

She went on to state that at that particular time she wanted Diamond to perform at her all white party.

“Ricardo next time get your facts right without chasing clout for likes and comments. Don’t trash my name for likes. When I texted him it was for a while party and I was going to pay him because I had money before even I met him.

And he said I talk to the manager but they were already booked that season. Then I met him on the flight, we were sitting next to each other. Kama kawaida we talked like any people on the same row. We exchanged numbers and I didn’t see him after the flight… he kept texting me like every other minutes how he wanted to meet till I finally met him #Cloudchaser smh” said Zari Hassan.

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Zari Hassan's post on Ricardo Momo
Zari Hassan's post on Ricardo Momo

She went to ask Momo to put some respect on her name; “Ata kama ni kulamba matako ya boss, have some respect for me the same way I show respect to the whole family. Usinitafute…just don’t try me”.

Ricardo momo's Video on Zari